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365 Questions – 4th January 2017

What is your best memory of last year?  Probably my best memory was experiencing the parade of the Kings in Triana, Seville last January 6th. We were able to watch the parade from our¬†balcony¬†as it travelled past our holiday apartment … Continue reading

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Living and loving life

Two weeks ago we had our first play time for, well who knows how long. Master used and abused His slave and she was rewarded with a large number of orgasms. Later that evening found the slave wearing a kind … Continue reading

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A relaxed Christmas

I have probably never before experienced such a low key and relaxed Christmas. For enjoyment it rates really high; the ability to do what I wanted when I wanted, the lack of drama, the fact of being here in this … Continue reading

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Holidaying in Spain

The journey here to Seville took us 3 days, not because it needs to take us that long but because that was the kind of trip we wanted. The 24 hour ferry crossing was better than expected. It wasn’t until … Continue reading

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One sleep

The little christmas tree is packed along with my clothes, shoes and everything else. I need to add one of my plugs, which I know Master will want taken along. He texted this afternoon to say that he has packed … Continue reading

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This girl and her Lord

At last work is over, this girl’s mum is on the mend (she will be home from hospital tomorrow) and the holiday time can begin. Yesterday, she spent time catching up with things at home, paying bills, doing some last … Continue reading

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Perfect weekend

It feels hard to believe that it is very nearly December, and that we have to start to think about Christmas. In one way, the past two months or so have sped past in a kind of blur of activity. … Continue reading

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My relationship with my mum

It is 4 weeks today since my dad passed away. In many ways it has been too busy to allow the grieving process to progress in perhaps the way it should. Other than on the day of the funeral, I … Continue reading

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A different weekend

A post, revisiting some of the 30 days of submission, by little at willing slut had me thinking. In this post she reviews her need for structure and rules against what she wrote in 2012. I have already revisited this … Continue reading

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Time away

This girl has just woken in her own bed, alone, for the first time in almost a week. This girl loves sleeping with Master, often she wakes with His hand on her body. He says His hand has a calming … Continue reading

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