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F is for…….

Figged and Fetlife At the weekend we were discussing the day, last June when Master figged His girl. I had seen the ginger in the fridge, but why would you think anything of such a thing since from time to … Continue reading

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Recap on the last week

After a run of several days of blog posts it would be true to say that life took over and this girl ran out of ideas. Ideas and energy to be honest. This girl’s last post was about Fetlife, and … Continue reading

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On returning from holiday, where access to the internet was often limited and intermittent, I have spent time catching up. It has been great getting up to date with everyones blogs, commenting and writing a little. I have also been … Continue reading

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The challenges of the online world

I have been blogging since 2006 and still have another place that i write my thoughts (mainly to do with work related stuff), though i have been bad at updating it lately. In the past that blog has received quite … Continue reading

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