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Belonging to Him

This girl spend a lovely hour or more with Sir, by the virtue of the wonders of the internet. It was good to see Him and to speak with Him. They chatted about what they had both been doing and … Continue reading

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Communication in relationships – is D/s different?

Yesterday, after visiting my parents – my dad is feeling a little stronger now, even though he will need some radiotherapy on his back after all – I spent time with my sister in law. In truth she is an … Continue reading

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Getting this girl back on track

The last week has felt a long one, but this girl is determined that over the course of this weekend she will be back on track in all areas. Last evening this girl had the pleasure of speaking on Skype … Continue reading

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Good girl

Out shopping yesterday this girl saw this bag; she didn’t buy it obviously but took it’s picture! This morning this girl updated her ‘my journey’ page, but despite laying out her feelings she didn’t really feel all that good. Especially … Continue reading

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Sir’s girl

This is now written indelibly on the girl’s body, just above the little mound of hair she is growing for Sir. She will reapply the ink as it fades over the next few weeks. Last evening Sir took this girl … Continue reading

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Who are you?

This girl lay stroking His Cock while he played with her nipples. she had already orgasmed a number of times, giving him all that she had. She felt the need to cum rise up in her again and pressed herself … Continue reading

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This girl’s submission

This has been a holiday weekend, plus, this girl has tagged a couple of extra days on so that she has a good break from work. That means that Sir and this girl have been able to spend 3 nights … Continue reading

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Just over a week since the piercings were done and the initial pain and discomfort has settled. Well as far as the clitoral hood goes, there was very little pain once the little bar was in place. The nipples have … Continue reading

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The need for rules?

This girl has been wondering about rules, about whether she already has any and whether she needs any more (if she has them in the first place). Why don’t you know if you have any? You may well ask (and … Continue reading

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Mood swings, but coping

This girl is trying to prepare for the next month by coping better with her feelings. The highs lately have been very high, but then the lows are very very low. It isn’t anything very serious that drags this girl … Continue reading

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