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My submission

Dominance and submission has been a key part of our relationship from the start, and it remains so. The relationship, which started with the intention that is mainly be around play has become something far deeper. This is a long … Continue reading

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It is probably impossible to embark on any relationship without an emotional attachment forming as time passes. Up until now, i have tried to keep those thoughts from my mind (unsuccessfully at times i will admit). Yesterday, for me, seemed … Continue reading

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Joolz loves anal sex

This a complete revelation to me. Today was my second meeting with my Master and i have discovered that i really love to be fucked in the arse. Anal sex brings me closer to orgasm than vaginal sex ever has … Continue reading

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New blog for a new lifestyle

Over the last few weeks I have been exploring the possibility of following a new lifestyle. The lifestyle is BDSM. This is not a new interest, indeed I have fantacised for years about being with a man who would dominate … Continue reading

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