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The Collar

The collar is the symbol of who I am and to Master’s ownership of me. In the 18 months or so since He placed it around my neck, I have rarely removed it. At the beginning I used to do … Continue reading

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365 Questions – 11th January

What is your favourite accessory? We discussed this question last night. Master is already bored with this whole 365¬†question thing and he isn’t even compiling the answers. What constitutes and accessory, he asked. I had my own ideas, but checking … Continue reading

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The days go by

If thinking about writing blog posts made them happen then I would be a prolific blogger. Instead I am someone who has had very little to say over the past couple of months. Pretty much every day I have thought … Continue reading

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slave thoughts

It has been more than a week since this girl last wrote on her blog. It is funny how the urge to write comes in fits and starts; it kind of ebbs and flows. Or more likely stops and starts. … Continue reading

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This post is going to ramble, but sometimes a person probably needs to do that. It is also going to feature ‘i’ since it is easier to form thoughts that way, even though i really am trying to do the … Continue reading

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