Short story for TMI Tuesday

For this week’s TMI Tuesday we have been asked to write a short story using a series of words. So, here goes:

Slowly she came too. Aware  of her dry mouth and throbbing temple. That last cocktail, she thought!. Opening her eyes she turned her head towards the clock; 8 o’clock already. Sunday though so it was ok. Closing her eyes again she listened to the sound of the rain outside. Driving, torrential, relentless rain.

Silence. Wait a minute, that wasn’t rain but the sound of the shower. She opened her eyes just as a man appeared from the ensuite. He leaned and kissed her “morning gorgeous” he smiled.

Suddenly memories flooded back. That last cocktail, with him……David. The discussion about Albert Einstein and whether people today would view him  as a genius or eccentric mad man. The subsequent kisses, the taxi to her place. Making out on the sofa, then bed.

She smiled and responded to his searching kiss,  his hand brushed her left breast and she felt the slickness of arousal forming between her legs. Another memory – olive oil. He had massaged her tits with oil. All in all a crazy night.

At that point her tummy let out an almighty sound. “hungry?” he asked with a grin. She nodded.” You have a shower, I’ll fix breakfast”.

Dragging herself out of bed she glanced briefly at her flushed face in the closet mirror and headed for the bathroom.

15 minutes later, she found him in the kitchen, beating eggs. Moving towards her, egg beater in hand he grinned. “How about an aperitif”?

Without another thought she dropped her robe to the floor, bent over just in time to feel the impact.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


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8 thoughts on “Short story for TMI Tuesday”

  1. “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious”—Einstein’s own words

    oh, eggbeater, now I get it, the tool, that changes everything

    sizzling story. add rubbing oil to increase temperature of fire

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