February Photofest 2015

This year, I have decided to join in with the February photofest and post a photo which is at least a little kinky and erotic each day during February.

For more information click here to go to Molly’s Daily Kiss and find out more. So here goes!

I don’t post enough photos on here these days I have to admit that. At one time, perhaps when I seemed to have more time for blogging, I pretty much always included a photo, usually found on the web. Sometimes the photos have been ones I have taken and a few times they have been of me, taken by me.

Well here is something to make a change to my blog, at least for this month. I have decided to join in with February Photofest and post a photo each day of this month. These photos will be of me, mostly by me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, when Master finds out about this He takes one or two for me


February 28th

Day 28, France

So, here we are in the south of France. It’s a tad cold right now, so tonight’s dinner for me was a lovely Ragout and for Master, Spaghetti Carbonara. With some local red wine, of course. I would have let you see a photo of my pudding, the house peach gateau but I ate it before I thought things through.

So this is 28th February and this is my 28th February photofest picture. It has been fun, if a little tricky at times to work out quite what to post. 
I will try to post as much as possible during March, but I can’t guarantee so many photos. 

February 27th

Day 27, Packing

Maybe we’ll need something like this for our weekend away………….

February 26th

Day 26, This weekend
Love this view, and have it on my desktop
We  are going to France, to my apartment, my bolt hole. Over there, hopefully it will be a little more sunny and a little warmer than over here. Plus we get the chance to be properly away from everything.
View over the pool from the apartment
The main reason for travelling is to make sure all is well after the winter, to prepare for the coming summer and to organise someone to look after the place should I manage to get some complete strangers to book up. 
It looks lovely at night
In other news, I am preparing to move to my own domain. This whole blogger thing is the final straw for me. It isn’t that I really need to post photos that might be considered pornographic by some, but that this whole google /  blog thing will just run and run. Plus, it will be my place, somewhere I can express myself. I know some people find the whole wordpress platform tricky, but I really need to find a permanent home and maybe that is the place.
masterspleasingbitch.com/blog (work in progress)!
February 25th

Day 25, Because I still can
This week I took delivery of  a new, beautiful piece of jewellery:

February 24th 

Day 24, Blogger 

When I first received the email* I thought it was a scam. Even though we have been warned before about blogger’s intention to sanitise everything – apparently to the extent that even breastfeeding isn’t ok, I really didn’t believe it.

They sent the email, not to my main google account, but to a secondary one that I use for anyone wanting to contact me here. Plus I has an unusual amount of activity from eastern Europe yesterday, which confused me.

Apparently though their intention is to make any kind of erotic or explicit blog private.

It is really only this month that I have posted any photos of myself that are really explicit, though sometimes I have posed photos of others that are freely available. My words though have often described actions in that way. 
But actually that is not the point. Nothing on this blog has ever been really obscene, nor illegal. Plus the blog itself sits behind a warning that this is an adult place.
As far as I can see, we all have the right to express ourselves and should be free to do so.
I am in the process of moving to my own domain, and once that is ready, I will point this blog towards that new place.
Meanwhile; Here is today’s February photofest picture:
Today, I bought a new top.; who knows if this is too much for blogger!
February 23rd

Day 23, Submission and the plug

This girl snuggled up to Master as He read her blog post. her hand stroked His cock and felt it harden. That post was about her submission, a statement of the ways in which she feels that her needs as His submissive are growing and deepening. It was written after two pretty intense sessions on Friday night and Saturday morning, and now on Sunday He was able to see that this was written from her heart. That post was about her understanding of their relationship in the here and now.

In that post, this girl spoke of their discussions about a tattoo, and also about her hope that one day she would wear His collar.
Now on Sunday afternoon, as this girl stroked Him, they looked at some steel collars together. He said He had been thinking that He wanted to buy a collar and maybe a steel cuff for her wrist. He began to pinch and stroked her pierced nipples and then sometime over the next few minutes she was naked, and sucking His hard cock. 
For the third time that weekend this girl found herself riding Him. Found herself expressing herself in the slutty words He loves to hear, while He encouraged her to release herself to Him. Well when girl says encouraged, perhaps it was more like those orgasms were ground from her. Whatever, submission overtook her and she felt His power flow through her.
Later, when she had been offered his gift orally they spoke about this coming weekend, time away from home.
This girl promised to wear her plug much more, so she is ready to take Him during that time. 
Last night she wore that plug all night and intends to wear it again tonight. This is the one rule that she hasn’t really been following as she should and it is one thing she intends to put right.

February 22nd

Day 22, Slutty girl

This weekend has definitely been characterised by this girl’s relaxed but slutty behaviour. Master has said that it seemed that this girl needed to express herself in this way, and of course as usual He is right. 
This photo shows this girl, in her liberated state, nipple piercing showing. This is a look and feel, that this girl loves.

February 21st 

Day 21, Exposed

Master has a way of surprising girl during play. On this occasion it was with the clover clamps that He applied to her labia. They were very painful and it was hard for girl to remain still. From the look of this girl’s bottom, Master had also spanked her; it is often difficult to remember the exact order in which things happen. 

Master was obviously very pleased with this view, since He photographed girl and has posted this photo on His own blog. This girl feels very proud that He has!

February 20th

Day 20, The table is set

Then we ate dinner, and the rest is something of a blur…….

February 19th

Day 19, View from below

Today, in honour of the fact that I am off out with Master this evening after work. I am trying out some new opaque stockings. This is the view from below.

February 18th

Day 18 – Sleeping in Amsterdam

Sipping champagne in the jacuzzi is just so tiring……………..

February 17th

Day 17 – Masturbation

Sometimes inspiration comes out of the blue. I am really enjoying February Photofest, but I put myself in the mix and got involved (as is my way) without thinking things through. Planning some kink related photos for your blog for a week is pretty easy, especially when some have already been taken in the recent past. But continuing for 28 days is a challenge. The added challenge is that this is not a photo blog, it is about me and my submissive journey and about my relationship with my Master.
Today’s photo – my 17th – is one I took of myself in May last year when Master was away in the USA. It was taken on my camera, using the timer rather than using the mobile. I think this is something I need to think about for the remaining 11 days of this challenge.
hub sub in Phx commented on my last post and led me to his most recent entry about masturbation within relationships. My comment there was about my current relationship, but that has led me to think about what went before.
It was pretty usual for hubby and I to masturbate. But we never did so in front of each other.
When I look back I can see that things were pretty sad. I generally shied away from contact with him, sex was not fulfilling for either of us. He really never worked out what I needed and anyway I am not sure that was the point for him. While he wanted us both to enjoy sex, he wanted to cum and do it quickly, sex wasn’t about mutual enjoyment especially as he really didn’t know how to make me cum. This meant there was little in the way of foreplay and often the whole thing could last as long as an advert break on TV.
Since neither of us were satisfied, we both masturbated, just not with or near each other. I was rarely satisfied, no matter how often I made my self cum and I suspect it was the same for him.
Things are different in this relationship. I am sure Master masturbates when I am not there, though perhaps not really often (I am sure He will correct me if I am wrong),  I do not.  I don’t think I have anything to worry about even if He masturbated a lot, since our sex life is good.
I am allowed to masturbate, but should ask permission to cum (this can be done retrospectively) since my orgasms belong to Him not to me. But I really don’t feel the need.
I have learned the joy of mutual masturbation and of watching each other.
Each relationship is different but I am pretty sure, if you feel the need to masturbate frequently, without the other person present, when married or in a serious relationship (whether you actually do so or not), then something is wrong.
So to the photo – girl masturbating over a mirror for Her Master who was 6000 miles away at the time.


February 16th

Day 16 – Scrutiny

Master reads this blog. Indeed He doesn’t only read it but scrutinises it and commits much of what I write to memory. He remembers so much more about the things I have written here than I ever do. You see, essentially I write in the moment. I usually start with a title and some kind of idea of what I am going to say and then just let the thing flow. Occasionally I know exactly what I will say, but more often than not, what emerges is a little different from what was planned.

Not only does He read my blog, but the comments. Plus, if people comment, He often reads their blog too. He has a reasonable amount of time on His hands, but in the main He does this because He is interested enough in me and my thoughts to read not only what I say and think, but those who visit here too.

I have no problem with this level of scrutiny, after all I led Him here (and to my previous blog) in the first place. We often discuss my blog posts and the comments, we discuss what might have been on my mind at the time and what has happened subsequently. Having come from a relationship where feelings were not discussed without raised voices, this is liberating. Nothing is off limits here, but I know that if I write it and it hasn’t already been discussed then ultimately it will be.

This morning I took this photo.

Master hangs these lovely floggers and other similar things to the end of a wardrobe in the play room in His house. They haven’t been used in a while, but when He feels the time is right again they will be and when they are used, I will probably write about it here and He will no doubt want to talk about what I write.

Since I started this post without a clear idea of where I was going, other than the photo. I guess I will just have to wait and see where it ends once He has read my words, analysed them and discussed them with me.

I have an idea, but only time will tell.


February 15th 

Day 15 – Slutty and Proud

Master has marked me this weekend!


February 14th

Day 14, A special day?

You can’t move in and outside of the shops for examples of ways in which we can all make today special – flowers, chocolates, champagne.

Last evening, I took these two photos while shopping for birthday presents for my son. Selfridges certainly looked a picture and no doubt many these beautiful flowers have now been given as gifts to loved ones. I love flowers including roses myself, but prefer them to be seasonal, and local. Unless we are talking snow drops then better to wait for spring or summer.

It is not the fact that it is St Valentines day that makes today special for me.

For me it is the lunch I just enjoyed with my son on the eve of his birthday. Me listening to the plans he has for today, about the wonderful way his relationship with his girlfriend is developing. Our discussions about his impending move from home and of my own future plans. Sitting with him, the young man I brought into the world 24 years ago tonight and feeling proud of the person he has become. Knowing he is happy that I am developing a new life for myself.

It is also about the morning I spent in bed with Master.

Any day that starts within Master’s fingers stroking my clit so that He takes His first orgasm from me quickly. That moves on to Him telling me to spread and Him taking me, possessing me and reaffirming His ownership. Next me on all fours and Him taking His bitch. Me stroking the shaft of His cock while He moves in and out of me, my pierced nipples rubbing on the bed and giving Him yet another orgasm. Then time spent together just enjoying each other’s company, chatting, laughing.

Yes today is a special day a beautiful day with or without the commercialism of St Valentines.


February 13th

Day 13 – Spreading out
It is so nice to have the entire bed to yourself. Then of course, you can spread out!
I am getting used to living on my own and sleeping on my own. Master and I spend the weekends together and when it is possible, a day in the week. Hubby hasn’t spent a night at home for a couple of months. He remains cagey about the relationship he has with his ‘lady friend’, but since he is about to introduce her to our son, I can only assume it is a little more than he tries to say. Then there is my son, who is 24 this weekend. He has been spending very little time here and is finally going to be moving his things over to his girl friend’s flat next week. Then this nest will really be empty.
So decision time approaches about what to do with the house – I favour selling up soon. Mean while though I can wander around naked, or half naked and spread my self and my legs wide.


February 12th

Day 12 – Beaver

I got the idea for this post from a photo I saw on a Tumblr blog. Master prefers no underwear, but it I was wearing panties, then this would be a good thing to do with them as I prepared for bed. I have added in the beaver, because Master bought him for me when he travelled to Oregon last year and he lives locally in my bedroom.
This is posed, but of course if it were real, then beaver would be in evidence.

February 11th

Day 11 – Shoes
These are what Master calls Hooker Shoes 
The thing is, do I have hooker legs?


February 10th 

Day 10 –  My favourite thing

In April 2012, new to the world of BDSM and fresh from my first D/s kind of encounter I started a blog which I called “world of joolz’.
Almost 2 years, what feels like a world away from those days I am writing my 400th post. Here on MPB.
Of all of the things I have done in that time probably the thing that means the most to me and indeed to Master are my piercings. I call them mine, but of course, they are His, since these nipples belong to Him. As does the whole of my (or this girl’s) body.
I had wanted to do something like this for some time, indeed S and I had discussed such things. But it wasn’t something I really took too seriously.
When Master and I discussed a permanent sign of my submission though, and the idea of piercings came up I knew pretty quickly that this was right. Even though we both said at the time that they were for me, because I wanted them, we knew that they meant a whole lot more. The jewellery worn in my piercings are still essentially the collar I constantly wear. They are a sign that I am owned. That He is my Master and I am His slave. It doesn’t matter that others don’t usually see them. They are there and we know it.
For this occasion, my 400th blog post, and because the right nipple is now properly healed, I am wearing something I haven’t worn before. A celebration nipple jewel!

February 9th

Day 9 –  Exposing myself
Over the past week I have posted some very personal photos which in turn reveal intimate details of my life with Master in a way that words don’t.
I think that my ability to do that comes from the fact that I am happy with the relationship I have with Master right now and that He wants me to show this side of myself. A number of the photos were taken by Him and have already appeared on His Tumblr blog.
He is keen for me to be relaxed in my body and often my nakedness so that I can be the slut He wants. For most of the past year it has been an expectation that I wear no underwear when we are together unless I expressly ask permission. As a middle aged woman, this has taken some getting used to. My body remains reasonably for a menopausal woman of my age and while I am not in any way prudish, it takes guts to overcome years of wearing underwear and to relax enough not to care about what people see or know. Increasingly I am of the opinion that most people are so self absorbed that they don’t notice others. Difficult to acknowledge when, like me you notice others, but I think this is the case.
Being available for Him to touch and to get pleasure from my body is important to Him and so to me. By agreeing to become His slave I handed over the power and responsibility for what happens to my body to him. I trust Him to keep me safe, but also have the knowledge that arousing Him is also likely to turn me on. More than that, He is committed to me giving myself to Him in all ways.
Today’s photo was one I sent Him when we agreed I would become His slave. You will see that I still have very little hair. That situation has changed and is another rule.


February 8th

Day 8 – Master’s kinks
Master is helping me find out so much about myself. Who knew I would love wearing the leather harness and spanking skirt as much as I do. I am so happy that His kinks and mine match up so well.
Next challenge for me is to take all of this out of the privacy of our homes, or a hotel room and into the wider kinky world.

February 7th

Day 7 – What happened next 

A lovely day in Amsterdam, dinner and drinks. Back in our amazing room we relaxed in the large jacuzzi bath, sipping champagne. There was also some kinky fun in the sauna and then more fun in the jacuzzi. Such is the romantic live of a submissive, that the next morning, this happened:


February 6th 

Day 6 – Decadence 

Today’s photo shows the most amazing room i have probably stayed in. when I took this, we had just arrived, hence the carefully placed towels etc. You can seen the jacuzzi bath, the window to the sauna and the door to the steam shower. 
Later Master and I were seated in that wonderful bath, drinking champagne. We got up to some very sexy things in the sauna and on the bed you can’t even see, well that is for another day. Yes, the picture of me hogtied on the bed is worthy of another day.
A weekend in Amsterdam should be special and last November, my weekend there was kinky and it was sexy and yes romantic. Plus very decedent.


February 5th 

Day 5 – Does size matter?

Actually it does. But of course in a good way. The small one is great for putting in place then wearing all evening or indeed night. The large for reminding you of who, or what you are. Yes, size matters.

February 4th 

Day 4 – Zipped

This photo was taken by Master on, I think, our second play date, about a week or two into our relationship. It was my first encounter with ‘the zipper’.  Some other activities must have taken place already that day, since there are marks on my legs, what, I can’t really remember.

You will see that I am shaved. This is not the case now, it it a rule that I have a little bush, for Master’s pleasure. But more of that later in the month.


February 3rd 

Day 3 – Bare

Given the subzero temperatures right now, I am pleased to say that this photo was taken early last summer. We were out for the day at a beautiful country estate and gardens on a warm and sunny afternoon.
It is a rule that when I am with Master, I don’t wear underwear without permission. He prefers to have easy access to my body and I am happy with that particular situation. There is something both thrilling and scary about being almost naked in public, what is more, feeling His hand on your bare bottom as you stand in close proximity to other people is very arousing. 

In this photo we were hidden from others, but of course, ran the risk that at any moment someone could come into that particular building and see what Master was taking a photo of. During these cold days, I look forward to a time when it is warm enough to bare my arse in public again.


February 2nd 

Day 2 of Photofest 2015 is the first anniversary of our first playdate. If I didn’t become Master’s bitch on that day, then it wasn’t long afterwards.

This lovely collar is something He gave me just before Christmas, but I haven’t worn for Him yet. I am sure that will change pretty soon.


February 1st

Day 1 is a photo I took just an hour or so ago, in the bath. I have called it bubbles.

Actually relaxing in the bath is a real treat these days. This Christmas I received loads of toiletries, these are the bubbles from some lovely smelling Champney’s bubble bath. I guess all that is missing are other kind of bubbles, the kind befitting an anniversary. But you can’t have everything.

Today though, is the first anniversary of our very first meeting.


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