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For this week’s Wicked Wednesday, I wrote about an early encounter of Master and His gadgets. At the end of the post I showed a picture of the latest addition to our selection of toys; the Love Glider Fuck Machine. This was a birthday present to me from Master. At the time, I kind of wanted something I could show off to others and probably wasn’t as appreciative as I could have been. Over the months, opportunities to try it out have been few. It isn’t the most portable thing and lives in Master’s playroom. But we have been away on a couple of trips, including one for two weeks and also spent many weekends at my place. Last weekend though, over the new year break, I stayed at Masters. I gave it another try and so here are my thoughts.

About the Love Glider

The product information describes it as a Manual Rocker Sex Machine. The base is made of wood and there is a padded seat for comfort. The machine comes with two dildos, one that is tapered and one that is bigger and ribbed. There are no leads or plugs, it is the movement of your hips that propels the dildo in and out.

The Love Glider

How to use it

Positioning yourself over the padded seat, ease down onto the dildo and then make yourself comfortable. The handle helps you to get into a rhythm, allowing the dildo to move in and out as you propel forwards and backwards. This toy can be used for both anal and vaginal sex. I have used it for both and to be honest (anal is perhaps best).

Having fun on the Love Glider

Since this is for my use only, we didn’t immediately put a condom on the dildo, but recent issues with rubber and latex made that a mistake. The dildo gave me a burning feeling in my cunt, so we rectified that. Immediately though being penetrated by the dildo made me really wet. Being impaled enabled me to grind down a little and to get some clitical stimulation. Master loves to watch me as I move on the machine. It offers an ideal opportunity for him to touch the rest of my body and to stand over me while I take his cock in my mouth and provide service to him. I haven’t tried this particular machine anally, but did so with the one we used at the Secret Dungeon and so know how it feels.

This rather expensive machine (it is cheaper on Amazon), needs to be used more often. This year should provide the opportunity as I will be spending more time at Master’s house. Not only weekends, but hopefully at last moving in. Watch this space, because I intend there to be a Sinful Sunday shot soon with me impaled and using the Love Glider.


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  1. Love that you wrote about this julie was hoping you would share how it felt to use….cant wait to see that photo…thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. maybe moving in? that sounds wonderful! and it was good to hear your thoughts on how this machine works. I saw it at the end of your last post and was very curious!

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