These feet are made for touching

There was a time when I couldn’t stand anyone else touching my feet. I was very ticklish and the person who might have touched my feet only wanted to tickle them. I hadn’t ever thought of feet as an erogenous zone and never imagined that having my feet touched could be sexy.

But Master loves to touch my feet, intact he loves to touch all of me and does. He loves to stroke, caress and to massage. Often in the evening while watching TV I sit with my feet on him and he caresses and touches my feet. He does this not to tickle or play but because he wants to touch me. I find I really really love it and find it quite a turn on.

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Author: Julie

50 something woman, exploring life and enjoying new adventures. This website is a record of a journey from vanilla wife and mother through two new relationships. This woman is now a collared slave called MPB and is owned and controlled by her Master. A mixture of true events and memes it is often of a sexual nature and is not safe to view at work. Next things to try will be fiction. Watch this space.

13 thoughts on “These feet are made for touching”

  1. I’ve played with folks who listed having their feet touched as a hard limit, but with a little help, they usually come around to understand the foot’s erotic potential . . .

    You are lucky!

  2. A foot rub goes a loooong way; you are so lucky that your master likes to touch your feet, as there are so many people who are turned off by them! It’s great that something that used to be a yuck for you has turned into a yum. 🙂

  3. Wow. I knew that the topic of feet would cause differing views.

    So glad that there are others who just needed the right situation to find any foot related touch sexy. But understand those who will never find it so. Glad however that I am able to love Him feeling any part of my body.

  4. I HATE my feet being touched, they’re so ticklish and I often joke I will kick someone’s teeth out if they break the no feet rule. My partner is very tactile and often reaches out unthinking, even in his sleep!! I can’t explain how grumpy being woken up that way makes me!

    It goes both ways though, I hate touching someone’s feet too.

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