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Here I am again with some sensual, erotic or kink related photos for this photographic project. For more participants, go to Molly’s photofest page  
February 18th – Throwback Thursday – Zipped

This photo is from the early days of our relationship when it was more about play than anything else. During one of our early play dates Master used the zipper on me. From the look of this He had also applied some kind of implement to my thighs. It has been a while, but when those pegs come off you feel some serious pain. I hate to admit it, but that is something I would really like to experience again!
February 17th – The strangest thing

The strangest thing I think I have ever seen was a picture we discovered in the Casa de Pilatos in Seville over the Christmas holidays. This photo is taken from a copy rather than the original, but I doubt it detracts from the weirdness of this piece of art.  Essentially this is purported to be a bearded woman who is pictured with her husband and child. Master and I found it difficult to quite believe the story. What was sad, was that the picture was tucked away in a dark room where most people perhaps don’t visit. Perhaps there is embarrassment about this, which is sad. It is definitely odd but it is also very interesting.

February 16th  – Valentines Day
She was awake early; she had slept well and felt rested. The same was true for Him. Despite their busy Saturday and the fact that they had finished the night with cheese, wine and cocktails they were both alert.
She lay in bed beside Him just surfing and checking out her usual websites.
He did the same, though His involved some places that were far more erotic. He rubbed him self as He viewed what was on offer
He got up suddenly and walked around the bed, instructing her to get on her knees. 
Soon He was fucking her. Fucking her in such a way that she felt Him deep inside of her cunt. Fucking her in such a way that she knew that she was wetter than wet. 
He asked her who she was, what she was. Of course she is His slave, His slut and His cunt. 
she told him so. 
Master’s cock filled that worthless cunt and she knew there was no better way to start Valentines day. 
Who needs roses?

February 14th – Hearts and flowers

That is just what Valentines is about isn’t it?

I have to admit that events have overtaken me this weekend and I haven’t had the chance to post any February Photofest photos. I know I should have been more organised and planned ahead, but I didn’t. 
Master had arranged a number of cultural events (music and film) for us for yesterday and decided that we should spend the weekend in London so that we didn’t have to get up so early yesterday. So, we spent Friday and Saturday nights in a lovely hotel in central London, one that we are now familiar with having stayed a number of times over the last couple of years. 
This morning we laid in bed a little later and then had some hot sex. Master took some photos which I now have in my possession and all of which will give me some great posts in the coming days. 
So back to the hearts and flowers; happy valentines day:

February 11th – Feet

Feet can be sexy. But even in their sexiness they can be painful.

We had the most amazing time in Spain last Easter, but too much walking can result in some very swollen and painful feet.

The good thing about this though is that when both of you have spent too long on your feet, you might realise that you need some down time and that time might involve a prolonged period of time in bed and then just ‘pottering around’.

There is no evidence of the pottering, but there is some evidence of the feet!

February 10th – On the stairs

Last spring, during our tour of Andalusia over the Easter holidays we stayed in a lovely apartment in Seville. Actually we enjoyed staying in that area so much that we returned, though to a different apartment at Christmas. This photo was taken on the stairs, within the internal courtyard of our apartment.

This one shows the beauty of that internal courtyard, from the upstairs landing. 

February 9th – Posture

It does nothing for my double chin, but Master likes it and so do I. This was one of my Christmas presents…………

February 8th – Reading
Just out of the bath, and still feeling a little warm, I relaxed on the bed with my book. 

February 7th – My Submission

Dominance and submission has been a key part of our relationship from the start, and it remains so. The relationship, which started with the intention that is mainly be around play has become something far deeper. This is a long term relationship that may well turn out to be something that defines us in our middle age. But it remains one where He is the dominant and I am the submissive. That is the undercurrent to each day of our lives, it is just the way things are. We go about our business, together or apart, but during that time we both know who we are and are mindful of our roles and what that means to the other. To Him, I am girl. I am there to be loved and cherished, but I am also there to serve him at all times. For me, He is Master and at all times not only do I want to serve, but I want Him to be proud. This is our life.

I can’t imagine that either of us wouldn’t want the D/s (or indeed M/s) that is so important to us. However, we are not one dimensional and there is far more to our life and the things we enjoy together. I don’t see our relationship failing because of that and anyway I love Him for who He is in so many ways.

The percentage of time when our interactions are rooted in D/s probably depends on where we are and whether we are together. But, since I wear His collar and cuff, and since I try as part of my contract to think about my place as His slave I would say that for most of each day I know where our relationship stems from. As a woman in her fifties, as a woman who has discovered her sexuality later in life than many, I have to say that I embrace my place as His slave. For me, there are constant reminders which mean that at least 90% of my time is in truth embedded in my relationship with Him. Embedded in the fact that I am this girl; His slave.

The photo below was taken last summer. As usual I wore no underwear and when He demanded to see His property I did so. Mind you, at the same time it appears, I was filing my nails!

February 6th – Exposed in a public place

It’s winter and generally at this time of year I like to wrap up to keep warm. Master has no problem with this when we are out and about. But looking back at some photos from our holiday in Spain last Easter time, I must admit I am looking forward to wearing fewer clothes. Looking forward too, to following Master’s preference that his slave wears no underwear under her clothes. Looking forward to those opportunities when, I can expose my bare bottom to him in a public place!

February 5th – Cooling off 
It is not unusual these (menopause) days to feel the need to push the duvet off of me so that I can cool off. In this photo too, I love that you can see 3 of the sings of my status as slave to Master – collar, cuff and nipple piercing. 
February 4th – A favourite old photo

In Molly’s post today for February Photofest she uses a photo from a previous blog post for what she describes as Throwback Thursday. This seems a great idea for lots of reasons. Of course, you could call me lazy and of course I am, but also this is one of my favourite blog photos. 

The original post, for last year’s Photofest on my blog was called Masturbation, which is exactly what I was doing, over a mirror.
The photo came about because I had found a photo of a girl doing exactly that, for the masturbation month of May.  I posted it on my blog (which at the time was elsewhere, but has been copied across to here).
Master was at the time in the USA, enduring what later transpired to be a difficult time with his then slave. At that time, I didn’t truly know what I was involved in, I am not sure he did either. 
He challenged / instructed me to take my own photo in that pose. Personally I think that my attempt was better than the original. What I do know is that he loved it and that it was one of the things that helped him through that troubling time. I will always be grateful that I was willing and able to follow his instructions and that we came through that time together and are still Master and slave. 

February 3rd – Choices

Which one should a girl choose?

February 2nd 2016 – Framed

This photo was taken by Master in Spain last year, and has never appeared on my blog before. On our travels we have stayed in some amazing hotels, many of them historical buildings in their own right. The room we are in was one such place. Since then my hair has been cut shorter, and I am pleased to say I have lost about 20b in weight.

February 1st 2016
I can’t pretend that last years February photofest wasn’t a challenge, but it sure was fun. This year, I hope, once again to engage Master in taking some of the photos – I am sure he will be up for it.
For 1st Feb, I give you my favourite photo of last year – my collaring. This photo also shows my nipple piercing, plus a bruising (love bite) from Master and a marking which shows one of the tattoos he would like on my body. 
2016 will be the year when Master marks his slave more permanently and in which her hair is cut more to his liking. While February is a short month, progress will surely be made!

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