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What’s my name?

For most of my life I was only called by my given name, Julie. I hated it when people shortened Julie to Ju, it struck me as lazy and uncreative. A family friend called me Jools, and for a while … Continue reading

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Blogging A-Z Challenge: G

G is for Girl This girl’s given name is girl. Just 2 weeks after Master and I met, I wrote this post. At that time I was sceptical that referring to myself in the third person was something I could … Continue reading

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G is for……….

Glass dildo and Good girl. The photo below is of my bottom, into which Master has inserted a glass dildo. There is something lovely about that object as it is pushed into your body. It is cool, it is smooth, … Continue reading

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The girl He wants

It seems that this girl is in something of a flow, a series even. Having written about herself as a slave and as a person, perhaps it is time to think about this girl’s perception of the slave that Master … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Last weekend Master and His girl were chatting about the way they refer to each other. Master asked if she remembered Him calling her by her given name, she couldn’t think of a day when that had happened. To Him, … Continue reading

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His control over this girl is often subtle rather than overt. This girl reads the blogs and fetlife posts of other submissives and slaves and can see that often their lives involve more in the way of overt discipline and … Continue reading

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This slave has been collared

Late last night this girl knelt, knees wide, hands upwards, naked before her Master while He placed a collar around her neck and tightened the screw. Then He drew on her breasts and tummy. This symbol, which Master created from … Continue reading

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Something has happened

It would be true to say that all the time she has been seeing Master things have gradually evolved. To begin with, the knowledge that this was likely to be a short term relationship played on this girl’s mind. This … Continue reading

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Happy slave, exhausted Master

This morning this girl awoke quite early. Master opened His eyes briefly and this girl asked Him if He was still tired. “Exhausted” He exclaimed “Why?” this girl asked “That mammoth fuck” was His reply, along with the fact He … Continue reading

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This girl and her Lord

At last work is over, this girl’s mum is on the mend (she will be home from hospital tomorrow) and the holiday time can begin. Yesterday, she spent time catching up with things at home, paying bills, doing some last … Continue reading

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