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Happiness is………….

That post orgasm feeling (words to follow).  

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Late last night we enjoyed a bath together in Master’s lovely jacuzzi bath. This is me, as I relaxed and waited for him to join me in bed. I was warm and relaxed and ready for sleep.

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These feet are made for touching

There was a time when I couldn’t stand anyone else touching my feet. I was very ticklish and the person who might have touched my feet only wanted to tickle them. I hadn’t ever thought of feet as an erogenous … Continue reading

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Action shot

It is difficult to provide some of the service that Master wants and expects when his slave has a cough. It has been over 2 weeks since I first got ill. But things are improving and this afternoon I was … Continue reading

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Late night fun

This is the first weekend in over a year that Master and I haven’t been together. I am in France with my mum, he is at home. But the great news is, that he sets off today to join us. … Continue reading

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Birthday present

He left my present at home last weekend. Actually I caught a glimpse of it the day before when I was around his place. I asked him what it was, and he said it was my gift. I asked him … Continue reading

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A new day, a new year

Today is my birthday, and as I enter a new year of life I somehow find myself ready to blog again. The past couple of months have been somewhat quiet here. Save the occasional, writers block post Sinful Sunday has … Continue reading

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How many Doms does it take to change a lightbulb?


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Lazy Sunday

We are away this weekend. We have come to a town on the south coast of England with the purpose of seeing the musical version of the Adams Family. Not being people who drive over 100 miles for the evening, … Continue reading

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The view

In the Moselle area of France we travelled through the deepest forest to find the remotely located Chateau du Falkenstein. We parked up and walked through a path in the woods. We passed some people taking photos of each other, … Continue reading

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