This girl returns

A reconnection has occured between Master and this girl. It isn’t exactly that we were disconnected in any particular way. But there hasn’t been much time to just be us and to discuss our relationship. We came together as Master and slave almost 4 years ago (Dominant and submissive before that for 3 months). Our lives are busy and we still don’t live together and yesterday we discussed the effect that has on us. We also spoke the words that needed saying. That we no longer wish to be apart.

There are things to be done to enable Master and this girl to live together all of the time. He has some work to do on the house so that there is room for my things. She has to sell her half of her house to the partner of her ex, or else sell the house to someone else. Last year was meant to be the year when we moved in together, but time slipped away and it hasn’t happened yet.

This girl had spent Friday night at her mum’s. Her new home is 2 hours away and so visiting every couple of weeks and staying over night is the best option. Arriving home at 1ish, this girl prepared some lunch and we drank wine with it. Then since we both felt a little weary we cuddled on the bed and slept a while. Before and after the sleep, he stroked and caressed his property. Master expressed his frustrations about the time we spend apart and this girl agreed.

Later after dinner, more wine and a visit to the pub and more wine we retired back to bed. For some reason (perhaps it was the excess of alcohol) this girl felt both horny and submissive. She felt both of these in a way she hasn’t in quite some time. This led to orgasms, too many to count and since they haven’t been drawn on her body there is no real way of knowing. However there were many. Orgasms through penetration, through his fingers and also his power alone. Strong orgasms that brought on a wonderful nights sleep, nestled in the body of her Master.

This morning brought more sex and also discussion and agreement. Final details need discussion but. This girl is definitely back in the relationship. She was never completely gone, but she was hidden. The dynamic needs refreshing every now and then, it requires effort, so it is in plain sight. He wants a house slave and that means she must live with him. Perhaps living in one house for a few days together then swopping over will work for a few months. More time spent naked, more time worshipping her Master, more time calling Him Master and referring to herself as this girl. Hence this post.

Time also for the tattoo. A butterfly at the base of her spine. That is the next step. He wants to buy a new collar and an ankle cuff. A change from the existing collar and reaffirmation of the relationship. Of his ownership and her slave hood. More to come on this matter.

Out of kilter?

I was planning some fiction for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, and have written half a post. But lack of energy, uncertainty about fitting it with the prompt and general lethargy lead me to park it. For now.

Instead I am combining the FFTF prompt with Wicked Wednesday, because I have something to say that combines this weeks prompt with last weeks WW post.

The prompt question is:

How do you cope when your level of sexual desire doesn’t match that of your partner?

As previously mentioned, the menopause has had an effect on our sex life. A couple of weeks ago, we were trying to find the optimal position for sex. He suggested on our sides. I said: “trouble is, that means you have to do all of the work” To which he replied “No change there then”.

I know he didn’t mean anything by it and I laughed the comment off. But it is true to say that I struggle to take the lead during sex and probably do lie back more than I should. Part of the problem is that he prefers sex in the mornings and these days I take a little while to get going. True, he is the master and I the slave, but that is really no excuse. I tend not to sleep well – often down to being too hot and moments later too cold. For him, morning is the best time for a good erection but for me, I need encouragement to feel horny.

It’s strange in a way, since he isn’t really a morning person in other ways, and I am. I can leap creep to of bed for work and immediately be ready for the day. Whereas he is more of a night person. But when it comes to being ready for sex, perhaps roles are reversed. Plus, the fear of pain and discomfort means that I often don’t suggest morning sex even if I am feeling aroused.

I don’t think this means we are in any way incompatible, but need to do something different. Maybe we can plan ahead a little more, so that we play and have sex later in the day. Maybe too I need to put a little more effort into morning sex. In fact, I know I do.

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Better to give or to receive?

I was pleased, late last week, to see that Food for Thought Friday is back. I only found the meme just as it stopped a couple of years ago, so joined in only twice. But, now it is back – with a Friday prompt – and almost a whole week to write something. Luckily for me, since I was busy last weekend.


Master loves to both give and receive. I am almost inclined to think that he prefers giving. He certainly loves to spend prolonged amounts of time with his head buried in my pussy. Before I met him, my experience of cunnilingus was limited. Certainly my ex was no expert and anyway he preferred sex be about him. To be frank, he rarely engaged in any kind of foreplay. So the likelihood of him going down on me was slim. Master is different, he enjoys the feel and taste of me. Plus there is always my piercing to play with.

I like to suck him while he is down on me, but concentrating can be a problem. Master is busy nibbling, sucking and licking me to orgasm and I am struggling to work out how to suck. Instead I often stroke him – his cock, his balls and his anus. Moving onto his hips and back, I take pleasure in using my hands on him. While he uses his mouth on me.


If I am giving oral to Master, I am often found on my knees. Providing worship to his cock. Indeed, he has a very worshipful, thick and long cock. By far his is the favourite of any cock I have had the pleasure of licking, sucking or just holding in my mouth. He tends to know what he wants and gives instructions. He knows that the act of taking his cock in my mouth is enough to turn me on.

I have to admit that I am not a great fan of tasting my own juices, but I do like his. Particularly if he has eaten or drunk something quite sweet. It’s amazing how the taste of a man’s cum changes depending the previous days  dinner.

What is more, I like the smell and the taste of him in general. I am particularly fond of a newly bathed or showered penis. Though not adverse to one that is newly emerged from slumber.

It would be true to say, I am fond of both receiving and giving. But given that I am a slave and a slut, that is probably no surprise.

Sex and the menopause

My menopausal history

It is 5 years or so since I began to experience symptoms of the menopause. Over that time the slow down and ceasing of periods has been the biggest advantage. Along with no longer needing to use contraception. But the downside has been the night sweats and hot flashes, these have been a major disadvantage. Often I have been sitting in the office, minding my own business when the telltale signs appear. An immense heat spreading through your body, from top to bottom or vice versa. Just when I am about to speak at a meeting, I feel myself flush and begin to over heat. At night I can be both freezing cold and unbearably hot within 5 minutes.

Thankfully the flashes are subsiding. But they are now replaced with physical changes. My body is definitely changing, my breasts are losing their definition. At present there is little to see, but they do feel different. But the worst symptom to date is pain when I have vaginal sex.

Sex and my menopause

To begin with I thought the pain I was feeling must be in my head. Specialist websites suggest dryness and thinning of the vaginal wall causing pain. I am definitely (thankfully) not dry. Rather it is like my body has gone into spasm. I have begun to fear penetration, to be anxious about the pain. This in turn is leading to Master, who doesn’t want to hurt me to fear he will cause damage. Last week, we had anal sex for the first time in ages. We found this less painful than recent attempts at vaginal sex. It made us wonder why anal had slipped off of our agenda, and gave hope for the future. This weekend though we both wanted him to penetrate my cunt.

Different positions

We have discovered that sex lying on our sides is a really good starting point. After some kind of foreplay that is. Increasingly I need him to stroke and lick me so that I am well lubricated. Equally me stroking and sucking him turns me on too, so there is something for us both. Even then, it can still hurt and the days when his cock just slips in seem to be far and few between. Yesterday though we actually spoke about the fears be both had and then set about trying to over come them. On my side, with him behind seemed less painful than starting on top or underneath. Since we had plenty of time and now feeling confident that my body would respond I got on top next. Any initial pain soon disappeared as I rode his cock and he played with my tits and stroked my clit.

The future

I hate what the menopause is doing to my body, and to my mind. I hate the idea that Master is frightened he might hurt me, or just that it is just too difficult to penetrate me. We still don’t know if I need to get some outside help or if it is just about time and patience. Yesterday morning’s sex though showed we can overcome. After riding him, I was able to get off, lie down and have him cum inside me. That might sound quite vanilla, but it was what I wanted. Plus he slid back in  and there was no pain.

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The missed flight

Have you ever missed a flight? Arrived at the airport just a little too late and been turned away at the check in desk? Or, have you arrived at the desk as it closes and been shooed through security. Only to miss the flight anyway? Have you ever been through security with something (or things) in your bag that if discovered, would be a tad embarrassing?

We had only known each other for a couple of months when I asked him if he wanted to accompany me on a trip to France. The previous summer I had bought an apartment with some redundancy money and now I wanted to check it had survived the winter. This has become something of a routine now – open up in March, shut things up in October. But this was the first time. He said yes.

Often when we travel for just a few days, we take carry on luggage only. But I needed to take some things for the apartment and he, various lotions for his eczema. We didn’t know each other well, so didn’t consider sharing luggage as we would now. The south of France in March, in an apartment that had been shut up for months was chilly. We spent lots of time in bed getting to know each other (as well as sleeping). There was plenty of sex, but also time to sightsee and to shop. It was a short break, but it was fun. Only too soon though it was time to return home.

The flight was a little earlier than we would have liked, and with one thing and another (cleaning mainly), we left later than we should have. By the skin of our teeth we handed back the hire car at the airport car park and reached the check-in desk as it closed. The woman put my case through, but then decided it was time to close. She refused to take G’s case and told him to take it through security as hand luggage. He did as he was told, but of course there were lotions in the case. Lotions in containers that were larger than the allowed 100 ml.

We watched as the case passed along the conveyor belt, though the X-ray machine and out the other end. The security personnel looked at each other and gathered around the bench. They beckoned G over and opened the case.

These were some of the contents………………

Contents of the suitcase

Facing the prospect of having so much more than a tub of aqueous cream confiscated G asked if he could miss the flight. Not wanting to travel alone, I asked for my case to be unloaded. As the flight took off, we were hiring another car and rebooking our flight.

Later that day, we checked two pieces of luggage onto a flight at an airport about 50 miles away. No one asked to see inside and we collected them from the conveyor at the end of our journey.

The irony is: It was so cold in the apartment in France, that none of the toys had actually been used that trip!
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Nobody does it better


I was vaguely aware Monday morning had arrived. The inane chatter of the radio DJ meant that the radio alarm had sprung to life. Thankfully music replaced the words and eyes still closed I determined to shut out the day.

Fingers stroking and pinching my nipples suggested that someone had other ideas. Especially as almost immediately I felt him stroking my clitoris. Gentle movements, each time catching the jewel encased there. The words and music surrounding us subsided as unexpectedly he lifted the duvet and his head dipped down. Spreading my legs I welcomed his tongue as it found the spot. Meanwhile I explored the balls and cock positioned near my head. I found soft, but hardening balls and a growing cock. Concentrating my efforts on Master’s tackle, I caressed and stroked. Then took the cock firmly in my hand just as he brought his slut to orgasm. There was no need for me to ask since he pretty much instructed me to cum. The response was instantaneous and intense.

Still throbbing from the touch of his tongue, he instructed I take his dripping cock into my mouth. Something I did gladly. Moments later though, he pulled away, kissed me and then asked where I would want my prize. This was one very turned on man.

“Cunt” I uttered the word as he pushed into me. My body for once responding as it should and allowing him a smooth passage. He filled me, his cock by now huge and almost ready to explode.

As his cum filled me, and we held each other close for a minute or two, the sound of the radio registered again.

“Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best”

Thoughts that carried me through the day at work, when He was far away and sex at 6.30am seemed a world away.

First experience

I was nearly 50 before I had my first experience. Of sex with a man other than my husband and of anal sex. We had known each other just a few weeks and had met just the once. In a probably not to be recommended encounter, I met, had sex and slept the night with a man I had only chatted to online and by phone. But things went well, we got on well together. Enjoyed each others company as well as lusting after each other. What is more, the sex was better than anything I had experienced in a long time. Perhaps ever.

A couple of weeks later I went back for more. This time I travelled to his place. I sucked him, he fucked me senseless and then we had anal sex. He knew I was an anal virgin and I knew that he wanted to take that particular cherry. We had discussed my willingness to have anal at length and I had trained myself for those couple of weeks with a butt plug.

My only experience of anal sex before meeting S was in some of the kinky books I read. Generally the dominant man considered taking his submissive girl’s arse as the ultimate prize. Perhaps the same was true of S. While I in turn wanted to give it a try, to learn and experience new things.

He was clearly experienced and led me gently through the build up to the main event. He attended to my orgasm needs, stroked me, kissed me and made me feel like I needed to feel his cock in that forbidden place. Any pain I felt on that day (and I am sure it did hurt a little) pales into insignificance when I consider the lasting benefits. That first experience helped me see the intimacy that can come from anal sex. The trust that is needed so that I could relax enough for him to find his way inside that most secret of places. Then the resulting orgasm that seemed in some way different from any other.

That first experience probably paved the way for me to become the submissive I am now. S and I continued to have great sex and for him that tended to include anal. I enjoyed it and complied. But there were problems with the relationship, mainly that we wanted and needed different things. Looking back sex with S was predictable, starting with  me on my knees sucking him and some time later (hours or the next day) with anal.

I don’t suppose any partner wants to think of their lover having sex with an ex. But Master says that he is grateful to S for teaching me about anal. It meant I was ready, able and willing soon after we met. For us anal is something very special. It brings out the slut, the bitch in me. It is dirty and forbidden but it feels the most intimate of sexual acts. We don’t do it often, indeed we haven’t in some time. But when we do it is one of the ways in which Master expresses his ownership of me, his slave.

This post is cross linked to Wicked Wednesday for the prompt ‘The Ex’ and to Kink of the Week for the prompt ‘Anal Sex’.

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Love Glider

For this week’s Wicked Wednesday, I wrote about an early encounter of Master and His gadgets. At the end of the post I showed a picture of the latest addition to our selection of toys; the Love Glider Fuck Machine. This was a birthday present to me from Master. At the time, I kind of wanted something I could show off to others and probably wasn’t as appreciative as I could have been. Over the months, opportunities to try it out have been few. It isn’t the most portable thing and lives in Master’s playroom. But we have been away on a couple of trips, including one for two weeks and also spent many weekends at my place. Last weekend though, over the new year break, I stayed at Masters. I gave it another try and so here are my thoughts.

About the Love Glider

The product information describes it as a Manual Rocker Sex Machine. The base is made of wood and there is a padded seat for comfort. The machine comes with two dildos, one that is tapered and one that is bigger and ribbed. There are no leads or plugs, it is the movement of your hips that propels the dildo in and out.

The Love Glider

How to use it

Positioning yourself over the padded seat, ease down onto the dildo and then make yourself comfortable. The handle helps you to get into a rhythm, allowing the dildo to move in and out as you propel forwards and backwards. This toy can be used for both anal and vaginal sex. I have used it for both and to be honest (anal is perhaps best).

Having fun on the Love Glider

Since this is for my use only, we didn’t immediately put a condom on the dildo, but recent issues with rubber and latex made that a mistake. The dildo gave me a burning feeling in my cunt, so we rectified that. Immediately though being penetrated by the dildo made me really wet. Being impaled enabled me to grind down a little and to get some clitical stimulation. Master loves to watch me as I move on the machine. It offers an ideal opportunity for him to touch the rest of my body and to stand over me while I take his cock in my mouth and provide service to him. I haven’t tried this particular machine anally, but did so with the one we used at the Secret Dungeon and so know how it feels.

This rather expensive machine (it is cheaper on Amazon), needs to be used more often. This year should provide the opportunity as I will be spending more time at Master’s house. Not only weekends, but hopefully at last moving in. Watch this space, because I intend there to be a Sinful Sunday shot soon with me impaled and using the Love Glider.


Gadget man

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday was Master. Following our second play date in February 2014  I called him gadget man.

I kneeled, restrained, legs in a spreader bar, arms spread too, wrists in cuffs, attached to a chain that passed under the bed. Blindfolded. A vibrating dildo in my ass. All I could hear was my new Dom moving around, opening boxes and cupboards. The anticipation was almost as overwhelming as the resulting pain and pleasure. There were things that vibrated, things inserted inside me and there were things he hit me with. The impact toys were also used to apply different sensations, as he stroked me with the flogger. He tapped me with a cane, applied pegs to my labia, clamps to my tits and then used that powerful vibrator on me and brought me to orgasm. Many, many times.

Then after all of that, he fucked me. Took me and possessed me, probably owned me from that day. The experience was overwhelming, something special for us both. But what I remembered most afterwards was the range of toys. Sex and impact gadgets I never knew people even possessed in their homes. For a while I called him Gadget Man. Not long afterwards of course he became Sir and then Master. Still though I think of him and his gadgets. He is definitely my gadget man still.

This is his latest gadget. Something I am still getting used to!

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