So they are done. This girl is now a woman who is pierced.

We went to a small tattoo and piercing parlour near to where this girl lives – it would be true to say that this girl was nervous, it felt like a big thing to be doing. It is easy to talk about having something so intimate done to your body, it is another thing actually going through with it. This is something S and this girl discussed, but looking back you have to wonder how serious we really were. People get pierced for lots of reasons, but for this girl it is part of her submission and so while she had to want it to be done so must He as her Master, her Owner.

Sir was with this girl. The piercer told us that he preferred not to have anyone else with him while he worked. We preferred otherwise – a strange man, alone in a small room during such an intimate time. Plus as this girl’s Master He wanted to be there, to see it done. This is just what she wanted too – Him to be there, to see it.

We started with the nipples. this girl stripped to the waist and was marked where the piercing would be. She was then told to lie down and he sprayed an anaesthetic spray which in itself hurt a little. For some reason, the right was more painful than the left, but with in a few minutes the little bars were in place, a couple of small dressings were applied and it was done. this girl dressed again and then stripped below the waist. She felt amazingly uninhibited by doing this whole thing, perhaps it is being over 50, being someone who has had a baby, or maybe it is about no longer caring who sees this girl in a state of undress, especially when Sir is present.

The clit hood piercing was painful. The anaesthetic spray and then the piercing itself hurt. Plus he warned there would be bleeding for up to a couple of days afterwards. There has been quite a bit of blood there, which seems to have stopped, but after the deed was done, there has been no pain.

24 hours later the nipples also feel fine, while confined within this girl’s bra. There has been no bleeding there and they are pretty comfortable. They are looking clean if a little swollen and bruised, but so far so good.

Sir has inspected all of His property’s piercings and is pretty pleased. He thinks they look sexy, and this girl is proud of them

This morning in bed, this girl was able to cum with just a little breast and nipple stimulation. He did not touch her clit or cunt. She was perhaps aroused by the idea of the piercings, plus the small amount of pain in him touching her gently was sufficient to send this girl straight into a very very good submissive place. Accompanied with some wonderful worship of His cock, of taking Him deep in her mouth, of swallowing His seed was all this girl needed for now.

We will have to go gently for a little while, but that will be no problem, He will be away for a few weeks from 9th May. These piercings are not a short term thing for this girl and for Sir. They are an important sign for us both that He owns her, possesses her and will be around for some time to come.

There will be updates in the coming weeks to report on how things are healing. Plus of course, there should be some great experiences to report on in the future!

Signs of commitment

The idea of piercings is not a new one for this girl. A year or more ago, S and this girl discussed the possibility.  This girl thinks that if he had been committed she would have gone ahead, after all it is something she knows she would love.

Graeme wants this girl to have her body pierced. This girl wants to have her body pierced.
This girl’s body belongs to Him now and so, she would have those piercings for Him. There is little she wouldn’t do for Him right now.
We are talking both nipples and clitoral hood.
But, this is important. On one level it is about having metal pushed through some intimate places, so that in itself is serous for the person who in reality owns that body. By the that this girl means the one who will suffer the pain, and of course ultimately the pleasure.
On another level this is quite symbolic.
Neither Graeme, nor this girl think that collaring are the right thing for them. This is not a never say never kind of thing, it is about what is right for their situation at this moment (taking account of other relationships etc).
Piercing though to both Graeme and this girl feels like a way He can proclaim His ownership and she can give herself more formally to Him.
When it is done, this girl will say a little more.


This girl was a late starter to the experience of the orgasm. Sadly she has been married all these years to a man who has never quite worked out his role in giving pleasure to a woman. for years this girl tried to teach him what he needed to so, but since she herself was a novice it was not surprising that she failed. For some time, before she discovered the value of Mr Rabbit, this girl experienced orgasms while asleep, during dreams and would wake up with her pussy throbbing. however this girl was in her 40’s before she experienced an orgasm given to her by a man. This girl had a relationship for a couple of years with a man who was unable to have full sex. For a while, the ability he demonstrated with his fingers, was pretty much all this girl thought she wanted. But as she began to explore what other experiences might be out there she knew that this wasn’t enough. The relationship with S, taught this girl something of submission, pain and humiliation and their relationship with orgasm. For the first time this girl began to understand the power of this phenomena and what it could mean for her general sense of well being.

This girl was allowed pretty much free range to orgasm at will with S. At the beginning of their time together, there was some control of this girl’s orgasms at times when they were not together, but this did not continue. S loved this girl to cum and did little to control orgasms even when they were together, though at times he did instruct her to hold back.

In reality the way in which Sir controls this girls orgasms may not be massively different to her previous experience. After all, Sir also loves this girl to cum and she is allowed to cum an awful lot. He knows that the experience of her orgasm puts this girl into a very good place and He feels that if she needs to cum she should. But it really does feel different to this girl.

Sir owns this girl’s orgasms and she must ask for them, unless He has already said that she may cum at will (which He does if this girl is not going to be able to speak or he expects she will need to cum lots). What is more he now tells her to cum and some how this girl does. Every time this girl cums, she must thank Him and tell Him that the orgasm belongs to Him.

Sir has been training this girl to cum at his will. To begin with He would count while he was stroking her, gradually increasing the number within that count. Then He started to just rest His hand on this girl’s pubes and demand she cum. For some reason it seems that this girl is able to cum on demand in this way in His presence.

But it isn’t just orgasm control or orgasm on demand that is very different. It is the way in which this girl feels that they contribute to her submission. How they help her focus on Him and on His needs, how they calm her and make her into His girl. Then how they help put her into subspace and how that then deepens her submission and makes her focus on Him and His needs. And so on.

This weekend, Sir has been given many many orgasms by this girl, when they spent two nights and a whole day yesterday together. This girl was also lucky enough to have been played with by Sir yesterday afternoon. She became reacquainted with the violet wand and the Hitachi. This girl was able to orgasm while receiving many different painful stimuli, probably assisted by a little bondage.  Over the weekend this girl has also experienced orgasms with her Sir’s cock deep inside her. These orgasms are definitely different from the ones forced with or without touch and those that occur with the use of the Hitachi.

This girl thinks she may be a little addicted to orgasms but then she is also addicted to her submission, especially she feels that state deepen. Perhaps also she is also addicted to Sir Graeme!

Looking ahead

This has been one hell of a week.

this girl started the week on such a high. As Sir and this girl discussed today,  she hadn’t been as happy for as long as she can remember.  The trip to France had been such fun and well, a time of rest and relaxation. Plus a time of multiple orgasm and cock worship. It was a special time for them both. The less than ‘south of France like weather’ only helped them to focus on each other. Sir and this girl had good food and wine. They visited great places; both of them sharing previous experiences of that particular part of the world.

It was a shock then that this girl dropped so rapidly. Not only that, but that by last night, she had fallen further than she thought could be possible. It would be true to say that she felt somewhat despondent? Should she give up on getting hubby to understand how she felt, should she even stop seeing Sir?

this girl did something she has never done before. She skyped with Sir when hubby was in the house. What is more, first hubby walked in and then he eavesdropped on the conversation. But to be honest (and only time will tell), the penny has dropped. Hubby now knows how miserable this girl is in the relationship she has with him. she is now both sure and determined that while this road still has a long way to go, at least they have moved forward.

So, tomorrow is Friday.

this girl has a weekend of happiness to look forward to.

On Monday this girl posted about her submission and was ready to talk about her orgasms for the next post. this girl had so so so many orgasms when she was in France and on Saturday and Sunday. What is more, Sir has been training this girl to cum at his will. With a great deal of success too, this girl might add.

It is sometimes hard for a girl to get her head around the idea that counting to 5, 10, 15 or 20 could have the final effect it does. That telling someone she is a good girl could have the results it seems to. But this girl has to say the results are amazing. this girl is very much enjoying the control Sir has over her in this area. this girl has much more to say on this subject, but thinks that it might be nice to tell the story when she is in a really happy subspace again.

this girl is looking ahead and knows that next time she posts here she will be in that place.

Journey page has been updated


It is a long time since i have needed to seek permission to orgasm outside of the bed room. Indeed for long periods of part 2 of the time with S i didn’t always ask when we were in the throws of passion – it depended on the context of the scene at the time.

While new D doesn’t own me in the full sense of the word, Saturday afternoon was clearly important in terms of the balance of power. i have gladly handed over ownership of my body and definitely my orgasms.
We were able to chat online last evening. We had something of a short scene in chat and also chatted on yahoo. All the time, hubby was in the room, dozing on the sofa. I haven’t been this bad in a long long time and have to admit a little bit of guilt. However that is by the by since this is not about my relationship (or lack of it with hubby) but about my emerging relationship with new D.
When i am getting regular sex, i don’t need to orgasm much on my own. But it has been a few days now and anyway chatting about sex and what you might like to do to each other is quite a turn on. So i sought permission and was granted it.
i have a new little vibrator, recently purchased at a high street lingerie and toy shop. This morning after hubby left for work i gave it a road test. This is how it looks, boy is it a powerful little thing! The best thing tough was being able to imagine being with new D and having him give me pleasure as well as knowing that even though he wasn’t there this was his gift to me. Of course once the waves of pleasure had subsided and was lying still i thanked him for that gift. That also felt good, as i know i will also feel pleasure when i hope he tells me i am a good girl.
There are complications to all of this. He does as i think i mentioned at the beginning have a long term and long distance Master / slave relationship. There has been agreement that while they apart they can both have another relationship. He has already handed day to day care to another Dom, though remains her owner. He seeks something closer to home for the time being.
There are several things for me to get my head around here. First is my understanding of their relationship which is very real and also M/s. Since my experience is around scenes and playing with your partner, this is something very different. Next there is the way in which the two of them are dealing with Him having me on the scene. Then there is my relationship with Him.
In a way, knowing that this is probably two people seeking something from each other in a time limited way is a good thing for me. I am in danger of falling for someone before i am really ready emotionally. But as we all know it isn’t quite so easy to control emotions, especially during the deeper more intense moments of D/s, such as we experienced on Saturday.
But for now, i retain my level head and am happy to proceed with just a little caution. Plus i am willing to hand over an important part of myself – access to my body and control of my orgasms.

Creating a buzz

In my opinion the female orgasm is a wonderful thing, but then i would say that wouldn’t i? It would be true to say that i was a latecomer to understanding exactly what this meant to a woman. I was actually married, before i even understood the notion of the orgasm and in my 30s before i owned a vibrator. Of course once i discovered it, i found it was something that i couldn’t manage without. How wonderful is that rampant rabbit?

Before i met Sir, i had spent at least 10 years needing almost daily use of some kind of devise that would  to give me the kind of relief i could only dream of in the marital bedroom. This is no longer the case, He doesn’t restrict my orgasms but since i started to get plenty of them i have rarely needed the rabbit. But who knows whether the need will ever return?

My first Ann Summers party was during the Tupperware years (people of my age will know all about this), but even so i was unaware of the history of the vibrator.

While browsing my favorite online news website yesterday, i came across this:

In 19th-century Britain, women suffering from chronic anxiety prescribed pelvic finger massage. Doctors found this tedious and time-consuming, so they invented something to do the job for them

Apparently the vibrator was invented by doctors who treated ‘hysteria’ (chronic anxiety, irritability and abdominal heaviness) in women by msturbating them to orgasm. This took place in the doctor’s consulting room,with the doctor providing pelvic massaging so that this could be relieved. Apparently the doctors found this a tedious and tiring pass time, and so invented a labour saving device. Early versions were powered by a generator the size of a fridge, but within a few years they were much smaller and so could move out of the doctors office into the home.

Apparently it was believed that if the ‘massager’ as it was known did not penetrate then the result could not be sexual, therefore the word orgasm wasn’t used to describe the resulting effect.

A new film Hysteria, which depicts a story based on the history of the invention of the vibrator is due to be released in cinemas soon.This sounds like the type of film i should be watching with Sir given our joint love of both history and orgasm. Or am i just dreaming?

Photo – Steam powered vibrator

Mid life crisis?

i am wondering whether i should have my nipples pierced. Probably the very idea is part of a whole midlife crisis i am currently going through. What else can it be?

i have known for a long time that there is a very short fuse between my nipples and my clit. i am pretty sure i could cum from nipple play alone given the right kind of stimulation from the right person. The first time i put clothes pegs (pins in the US) on my nipples while on the phone to Sir was a telling moment.He says he could tell i had put them on from the tone of my voice. i immediately felt amazingly turned on, it didn’t take much for Sir to make me cum.

Then the day in the woods, Sir introduced the nipple clamps which took me to a whole other level. I found that anything He did while they were on, just enhanced the experience. As Sir would say i am definitely a nipple slut.

We have talked a few times now about how things might be if i had my nipples pierced. To be honest i am now massively tempted. Turned on by the thought, and by the idea that is is something i would do for me and for Him. It is not something i could do without discussing with hubby though. He notices much more than he comments on and this is one thing i could NOT hide. Mind you i am approaching a rather massive birthday and it is time i had a midlife crisis.

Advice anyone?

Saturday thoughts

i like Saturdays. The one day of the week when i nether have to go to work today or tomorrow, don’t get me wrong, i do like work, i enjoy my job very much, but i also like days when i don’t work. On Saturdays i tend to get up early. I tend not to sleep late these days and actually i like to get up when the house is quiet and i like to get my laptop out and see what is going on in the webworld. Lately i like, while i am alone, to think about what has happened, might happen and blog about it here. Pain’s Pleasure’s blog post yesterday has inspired the words i am writing this morning.

For the last few months, since i decided to explore more about D/s i have read so much both online and off. I have been struck by just how much information is out there and just how many well thought out, well written words there are out there for people like me to find. i have also been struck by how welcoming people can be to their community when you happen to stumble across it and leave a mark or two of your own. As i have mentioned before, i don’t even have friends i can talk about the state of my marriage with, let alone discuss what i like to do with the man i am illicitly having an affair with. So being offered the hand of contact and perhaps in time virtual friendship is very welcome.

I am struck by the extent to which the blog world provides an opportunity to see such a wide range of lifestyles and interests, while at the same time feeling like a community. i found this before when blogging about nursing. Through writing a nursing / work related blog, i have found that our lives while different, are often so so similar. i have found that people across the world with similar interests have many more similarities than they do differences. The same seems to go for the BDSM world. As with nursing, there are many specialities, different ways of living the lifestyle, but something brings those people together. My blog roll here is getting longer and this is now one of the first places i come to when turing on my computer. i love to see what has been happening to people, or how their wonderful vivid imaginations are working. i enjoy thinking about the lifestyles people are living and wondering if that is something i would want to consider.

Would i want to live a 24/7 lifestyle, could i do it?  Possibly, and certainly i would like the opportunity to live it much more than i am now.

Am i slave material? Probably not, i am probably much too mouthy, far too used to being controlling over my own life. I am also not sure about domestic discipline type stuff – this is one of many things that Fondlers Anonymous has been discussing here

Do i want to be spanked more, given that Sir isn’t really all that keen on inflicting pain in that way? Mind you he has got the hang of causing pretty acute pain to my nipples and breasts once he realised what it did to my ability to submit. So maybe.

So as i get on with Saturday, and i must get on with the less enjoyable part (ironing then shopping to do), before getting onto more fun things (a walk and lunch with hubby), i have to say a big thank you to the people i have met online so far, to those whose blogs are helping expand my mind and thoughts and who have welcomed me into their world.

While at times i am really struggling with my emotions, i can honestly say i am feeling much happier with life than i was 3 months ago when all this began for me. Of course alot of that is about my lovely Master, but much of it is about so much more!


It is probably impossible to embark on any relationship without an emotional attachment forming as time passes. Up until now, i have tried to keep those thoughts from my mind (unsuccessfully at times i will admit). Yesterday, for me, seemed different. Yesterday evening i was almost overwhelmed with feelings while lying in bed with Master. To the extent that i wanted to say things that i am not sure it is yet time to say.

We started in the way described in my previous post and quickly found ourselves in the bedroom – i was wearing the new lovely lingerie Sir had bought, also wearing some new killer heels i had bought specially. i was collared, clamped and tied to his bed. Once i was allowed my first orgasm they just came one after the other and within an hour he had claimed me – he is the only person i have had anal sex with and this is way of laying claim to my body. He was (and i told him) very dominant and i was particularly submissive; we are getting better at our respective roles.

After a very late and very pleasant meal provided by Sir, we retired back to bed and picked up pretty much where we had left off. Sir is massively attentive to my needs and he spent so much time yesterday making sure that those needs were being met. That in turn meant i was better able to meet his needs. Until yesterday Master had not orgasmed inside my pussy, but that is what happened, with me on top in the most wonderful way, as instructed. I also overcame my gag reflex for a pretty significant (imho), and well performed deep throat fellatio.

We then spent a couple of hours (broken by some tea and chocolate at some point during the early evening) just lying there kissing and touching and that is when i just wanted to tell him that i loved him.

Having feelings for a man that is not your husband is quite a tricky thing to consider. Even when you have entered into a socially illicit relationship with that man. i didn’t really go looking for someone to have a specific relationship with. He offered me the opportunity to try something new, to explore new perspectives in my mind and body, and boy have i? i am not sure if i expected to develop these feelings, i didn’t really consider it. Lying there with him, and overwhelmed by those feelings, i struggled to understand whether i felt that way because i had just experienced the most amazing sex or because they were real feelings. For this reason and because i am kind of nervous of broaching the subject with him, i said nothing.

Well nothing is not quite true. He had said earlier about all of this being ‘a bit of fun’. i had agreed, after all, we are definitely having lots and lots of fun at that moment. But while we were lying there and i was feeling as i was, i said: ‘this is more than a bit of fun isn’t it?’ He didn’t answer, but he did kiss me again, deeply and for a good period of time. Definitely not time to discuss feelings at that moment.

This morning, i am over 100 miles away. I wish i was still with him, and i was this close to not getting out of that bed last night, he certainly reluctantly let me go. The feelings remain, but then i am still turned on, still wet. My nipples and pussy is still sore, my arse still remembers what happened.

Where is this going? Who knows? I still feel great love for him this morning and for now that will suffice!

In a day or so, i will write something about this in ‘the journey’ page.