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His kinks and our plans

There are many ways in which we are on the same wavelength when it comes to kink. Being his owned slave is probably the main one. While I am naturally bratty and rebellious, I love the way that he takes … Continue reading

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Blogging A-Z Challenge: P

P is for porn I am not a massive consumer of porn and generally feed my desires through books, blogs, twitter and tumblr. For me the written word isĀ as much as a turn on as pictures and videos. I don’t … Continue reading

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Last week I forgot all about Throwback Thursday, but this week I am on the case. Master loves to buy me kinky things to wear, and he is a lover of leather collars and harnesses. I know that this is … Continue reading

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365 Questions – Day 37; Torture

If you could do today over, would you change anything? Maybe I wouldn’t wake up at 4am having a night sweat – the misery of the menopause – then I wouldn’t have struggled to get out of bed this morning. … Continue reading

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A walk in the woods


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Happy Anniversary

My 54+ years have contained highs and lows. In the main, the highs win over the lows. I am a half full rather than half empty person. I enjoyed a happy childhood with loving parents who tried to give us … Continue reading

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365 Questions – 19th January

My curent favourite website is….. There is no absolute favourite place. I visit a variety of places during a day, depending on what I am looking for: news, social media, kink. I actively trawl my twitter account (@MPBjulie) to find … Continue reading

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Finishing off the 30 days of kink

If there was one thing about myself that I would love to change it would probably be to see things through to the end. I am pretty good with ideas, and I am very good at starting a project. But … Continue reading

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New Year Sex

This post was written on Monday, for Wicked Wednesday, however, I am currently without WiFi and am also unable open Rebel’s page. So am just posting it as an ordinary blog. It was icy on Friday morning. Unusually I was … Continue reading

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