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Kink of the week: Jeans

This morning this photo popped up on my Facebook timeline. A photo taken by Master, a year ago as I walked up the steps to board a plane. He posted it later and tagged me with the caption ‘Rear of … Continue reading

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Blogging A-Z Challenge: U

U is for uniforms I know that many people find uniforms on their preferred gender a turn on. The military man, the police¬†officer, the nurse. I am not entirely immune to this, I do find a smartly dressed man attractive, … Continue reading

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Kink of the week – soixante-neuf

In this photo, a young couple are caught in a moment of lust, on the living room¬†floor. Their clothes are strewn around them, the sofa in the background. Her hand is wrapped around his very large cock while she attempts … Continue reading

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Three’s company?

Over the past 3 years we have spoken a few times about introducing another person into our relationship for play purposes. We have discussed the idea of another girl who would play with me and who I would watch having … Continue reading

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Chastity – does a girl need to be locked in?

There was a time when I felt the need to touch myself most days. I would arrive home from work and if I felt that I had sufficient time before my son and husband arrived on the scene would make … Continue reading

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Kink of the week is about struggling against restraints which had me thinking about this photo taken while we were in Amsterdam a couple of years ago. Master left me hogtied on the bed while he went to have a … Continue reading

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The shorter the better

So Kink of the Week for 1-15 September is Hair. Having covered pubic hair already, the focus this time is the hair on your head. Master has a particular fetish for very short hair. In his ideal world his slave … Continue reading

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KOTW – Tasks

I need to get back to blogging ways, indeed if I was tasked to do so then maybe I would be better at getting my brain into gear. Even better if Master were to give me a list of topics … Continue reading

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Pubic hair – KOTW

I am probably from a generation that while shaving legs and under arms was the norm, shaving pubic hair was not. For me, a person who always grew hair a plenty this was something of a relief. The idea of … Continue reading

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Keeping tally

Being written on is a feature of this relationship and is something this slave have come to really enjoy. There is something both erotic and humiliating about having words such as slut, whore, property, Master’s or indeed MPB written on … Continue reading

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