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His kinks and our plans

There are many ways in which we are on the same wavelength when it comes to kink. Being his owned slave is probably the main one. While I am naturally bratty and rebellious, I love the way that he takes … Continue reading

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Styled by Master

In the 3 years since she had been seeing Mark she was aware that their relationship may not have been as it seemed. At first she had felt in control, she paid him to cut and style her hair, meet … Continue reading

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The shorter the better

So Kink of the Week for 1-15 September is Hair. Having covered pubic hair already, the focus this time is the hair on your head. Master has a particular fetish for very short hair. In his ideal world his slave … Continue reading

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H is for……

Harness and Hair. I have to admit that thinking of words beginning with H which I wanted to write about was a challenge. I knew I wanted to talk about hair (more of that further down), but wasn’t sure about … Continue reading

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Before I started on this journey to submission, I had never modified my body or hair to please another person. Indeed, I was actually quite resistant to requests from hubby to do so. At times, I did shave my pussy … Continue reading

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slave thoughts

It has been more than a week since this girl last wrote on her blog. It is funny how the urge to write comes in fits and starts; it kind of ebbs and flows. Or more likely stops and starts. … Continue reading

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Recap on the last week

After a run of several days of blog posts it would be true to say that life took over and this girl ran out of ideas. Ideas and energy to be honest. This girl’s last post was about Fetlife, and … Continue reading

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Master would love His slave to shave all of her hair off. This, is one of His kinks and He feels that it would help this girl to embrace her slave side much more and what is more it turns … Continue reading

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