Exposed in Spain

This weeks Sinful Sunday prompt is Outside Photography. This weekend we have been busy outdoors. I have been gardening including weeding, digging and planting my summer pots. Master, in turn has been sanding and filling. Plus he has fixed my toilet and planed down a door that was sticking. Last night we were like a couple of elderly folk with our stiff limbs, aches and pains. Still we got back up and out to our chores again today. What we haven’t been able to do though is to get around to anything naughty and fun outdoors. The neighbours were close and anyway the focus was our tasks.

So for this week’s Sinful Sunday I have trawled back through the archive and come up with this. Taken just over 2 years ago in Triana Spain, on the roof of the apartment in which we were staying. I have lost weight since then and my hair is shorter. But I am still proud of the photo and being exposed in Spain.

Sinful Sunday

Master’s picnic

As February photofest enters its last weekend for this year, I am running a little short of photos. Well if the truth be known, I need to take more photos and to do so require ideas. Perhaps next year, instead of answering dull questions during January I could actually plan for February; there’s a challenge for me.

So this photo was taken in June 2014, not long after we had met. We were out for the day in a beautiful country park. I was dressed as He likes me to during the summer and it was a lovely warm day. In this photo, as you can see, I am perched on a picnic table in a not dissimilar way to an event that was previously reported on my blog and which He had read about (but wasn’t involved in). The outcome was different, as this was just a photo opportunity, but to be honest this kind of exposure is enough for me anyway.

This image has never appeared here before, I lifted it from Master’s blog.  I may need to take one or two more, unless we get our act together over the weekend, which is always possible!

Emerging from winter

It had been a very long time since I stepped out of the house without underwear. It has just been too cold to chance going out without bra and panties. When wearing a dress or skirt, I have encased my legs in tights and more than often boots. My body is now pale and anaemic, my legs white. Apart of course from the freckles which always adorn my arms in particular, even in winter.

All of this is not quite true, since I now quite frequently wear nothing underneath trousers or jeans, so long they are of a soft enough fabric that won’t cause chafing. For winter this is my way of trying to remember that Master prefers a slave without underwear. He does however understand the need to keep warm and so cover up.
Yesterday then was the first day this year that I have been out with no underwear on at all. Today is the second. Thankfully some warm spring weather has arrived and we are blessed with sunshine. Yesterday we ventured out into the countryside to explore a country house and its grounds. We had a picnic and strolled around in the warm (though at times cloudy) fresh air.
These two photos provide a small record of our day out. In this first photo Master told his girl to lift up her dress so that he could get something of a view. She did so and quickly dropped it, but too quickly for him to take that photo. So she lifted up again. My thoughts? I need to do some work on toning up that backside and those legs!
In this second we are sitting on the grass. Around us people stroll, and little children run around. But of course this view is caught by Master only. A small glimpse of the summer to come. Of days out and about, a trip to Sicily in just over a month and this week coming to France.
More photo opportunities and hopefully this time I might get a stock of photos which I can use in the depths of winter. February photofest maybe?Plus we were sad that this particular wood wasn’t full of bluebells!

E is for………..

Exhibitionist and Extrovert

This post is all about me, since I am both an exhibitionist and and extrovert. I am not sure these two traits are more than a coincidence.

I wasn’t always an exhibitionist, or maybe I was and didn’t know it. Who knows. I often fantasised about having sex in a public place, though never told anyone, much less did so.  It was only when I started seeing S and he wanted me to both dress in a particular way which exposed large parts of my body and to show myself off, that I discovered that I was thrilled by the idea. Master has taken this to another level. He prefers me without underwear and has encouraged me to venture out and about with him wearing just a dress and nothing much else (other than shoes). This is, however more of a summer pursuit, since he doesn’t actually want me to freeze. It is with pleasure then that I say that spring is here and very soon I can get out and about wearing much, much less. We both love the thrill of me exposing myself in public, I have discovered that in the main people go about their business without really being aware of what is going on around them. People are not especially observant, and it is possible to use this to your advantage. Master can touch me up, I can stand and show him my body just a few feet away from people and they have no idea. That is a thrill for me.

But it isn’t all about being out in public. I love to be exposed for Master in the house, wearing nothing or very little for his pleasure. Perhaps this aspect of our relationship has become less apparent over time. You would think it easier to wear fewer clothes when in doors, but I guess it is about habit. I love wearing harnesses that show off my tits, I love the spanking skirt that Master bought me, I just don’t wear them often enough. I love to show my body to him and I think that is because he actually likes to look at it and to feel it. I would love the opportunity to be naked for him much more, to be open and ready, to be the slut we both know I am.

I am a true extrovert. I am not good at internalising things, I need to verbalise my thoughts, to discuss. I can be loud at times, I like people to know I am there. But also I am troubled by the things that go on around me, I can’t easily shut myself off from the words and deeds of others. When there is silence I often try to fill the space, to get my words in before others get the chance. I like to lead discussion rather than follow and sometimes I find actually listening to people quite challenging.

One of the things that I have been able to do with Master though is to work on changing some of the behaviours associated with my extroversion. Being a little less over powering and listening more. The best thing though has been that I have discovered my inner calm and have found that silence can be a wonderful thing. We can sit together for quite some time doing our own thing and I no longer need to fill that space. I suspect he is pleased when that happens, since he is much more of an introvert.

Exposed in a public place

It’s winter and generally at this time of year I like to wrap up to keep warm. Master has no problem with this when we are out and about. But looking back at some photos from our holiday in Spain last Easter time, I must admit I am looking forward to wearing fewer clothes. Looking forward too, to following Master’s preference that his slave wears no underwear under her clothes. Looking forward to those opportunities when, I can expose my bare bottom to him in a public place!




Sometimes inspiration comes out of the blue. I am really enjoying February Photofest, but I put myself in the mix and got involved (as is my way) without thinking things through. Planning some kink related photos for your blog for a week is pretty easy, especially when some have already been taken in the recent past. But continuing for 28 days is a challenge. The added challenge is that this is not a photo blog, it is about me and my submissive journey and about my relationship with my Master.

Today’s photo – my 17th – is one I took of myself in May last year when Master was away in the USA. It was taken on my camera, using the timer rather than using the mobile. I think this is something I need to think about for the remaining 11 days of this challenge.

hub sub in Phx commented on my last post and led me to his most recent entry about masturbation within relationships. My comment there was about my current relationship, but that has led me to think about what went before.

It was pretty usual for hubby and I to masturbate. But we never did so in front of each other.

When I look back I can see that things were pretty sad. I generally shied away from contact with him, sex was not fulfilling for either of us. He really never worked out what I needed and anyway I am not sure that was the point for him. While he wanted us both to enjoy sex, he wanted to cum and do it quickly, sex wasn’t about mutual enjoyment especially as he really didn’t know how to make me cum. This meant there was little in the way of foreplay and often the whole thing could last as long as an advert break on TV.

Since neither of us were satisfied, we both masturbated, just not with or near each other. I was rarely satisfied, no matter how often I made my self cum and I suspect it was the same for him.

Things are different in this relationship. I am sure Master masturbates when I am not there, though perhaps not really often (I am sure He will correct me if I am wrong),  I do not.  I don’t think I have anything to worry about even if He masturbated a lot, since our sex life is good.

I am allowed to masturbate, but should ask permission to cum (this can be done retrospectively) since my orgasms belong to Him not to me. But I really don’t feel the need.

I have learned the joy of mutual masturbation and of watching each other.

Each relationship is different but I am pretty sure, if you feel the need to masturbate frequently, without the other person present, when married or in a serious relationship (whether you actually do so or not), then something is wrong.

So to the photo – girl masturbating over a mirror for Her Master who was 6000 miles away at the time.

Play it again Sir

One of the nicest parts of a day (or night) with Sir is the ability to prolong the effect by discussing the events online. Last night we spent some time doing just that; exploring how each of us felt when we were doing different things and replaying our reactions to those feelings. This is one of the ways that this relationship is very different to any other i have had before, another is the extent to which Sir examines my expressions as he applies different stimuli to me. He is also open to discussing the effect that then has on him, and the pleasure that gives him.

One of the main things we talked about last night was the relationship between what he does to my nipples and the effect that has on my clitoris and pussy. He told me he loves to watch the expression on my face as first prepared my nipples for the clamps, then applied them. He is not really into giving pain, but is loving the wonderful effect just the right amount of pain has on me and my submission. As i become more aroused i spread my legs that bit wider, i am just that bit more his submissive slut and that for him is the biggest turn on. This was most evident for me when he tied me to the tree. i was then unable to move my hands or arms, but as he applied more stimulation to my nipples i was inclined to open my legs wider for him as i felt the orgasm begin to build inside me. This morning i have found this article which confirms what i have always believed about the link between a woman’s nipples and her genital organs.

One of the other things we discussed (again) was how i am progressing in my ability to take his cock in my mouth. I think he is pleased with my progress because he was able to get pretty deep without me gagging which is real progress. We talked about maybe another day and another tree, where he might tie me in a good sub position where i am at the correct level to take him so that he can perhaps complete this area of my training. I am definitely up for this.

Of course the other big thing we discussed was the disused picnic table. The fact that it put me at just the right height for Sir. The fact that i needed to lie right at the edge (though he was impressed that i thought his cock was longer than it is). The fact that for the first time i was able to lie on my back for anal; a first time for me and actually the best position so far. I think from Sir’s comments it was pretty good for him too!

We talked about meeting at this place again – Sir lives 2 hours away in good traffic and currently doesn’t have a car – during the summer. I like this idea very much!