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Being naked

The idea of spending several hours completely naked in public freaked me out. Stupid really since this is something I wanted to happen. Ever since I found out about play parties where the male Dominant is fully clothed and the … Continue reading

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D is for……

Dominant and Diogenes Today I am speaking of one and the same person, since Master is my Dominant and also his online persona is usually Diogenes. It is now just over two years since Master assumed the role of Dominant … Continue reading

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My submission

Dominance and submission has been a key part of our relationship from the start, and it remains so. The relationship, which started with the intention that is mainly be around play has become something far deeper. This is a long … Continue reading

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SCC Writing prompt #164

The thing that always pulls me back into the submissive mindset is when Master refers to me as girl, rather than saying for example ‘you’ or using my given name (though to be honest he doesn’t often do that). I … Continue reading

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Out of the blue

Life has settled into something of a routine, one that this girl is comfortable with. While it doesn’t involve much in the way of kink or any other visible part of an M/s dynamic, there is nothing dull or boring. … Continue reading

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This slave has been collared

Late last night this girl knelt, knees wide, hands upwards, naked before her Master while He placed a collar around her neck and tightened the screw. Then He drew on her breasts and tummy. This symbol, which Master created from … Continue reading

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This girl’s submission

A lot is being written about submission at the moment, much of it in the context of the whole 50 Shades of Grey hype. It has been good to see articles in newspapers and magazines written by those who live … Continue reading

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It’s about the power, the control and the submission

He is not a great one for overt signs of dominance. There are rules, but if they are broken, and He doesn’t consider it serious He is not exactly hot on physical punishment. But in the main, the rules about … Continue reading

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Life is good, life is bad

That is just how it feels. On the one hand I feel free to be the person I know I am. In that freedom, I am able to enjoy being His slave, His bitch, His piece of fuckmeat. As and … Continue reading

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Worship and possession

One of the big things i have learnt over the past couple of years is that submission is about undertaking some level of worship of my Dom, physically and on another level emotionally. If someone has a body (particularly the … Continue reading

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