Bath time



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Author: Julie

50 something woman, exploring life and enjoying new adventures. This website is a record of a journey from vanilla wife and mother through two new relationships. This woman is now a collared slave called MPB and is owned and controlled by her Master. A mixture of true events and memes it is often of a sexual nature and is not safe to view at work. Next things to try will be fiction. Watch this space.

16 thoughts on “Bath time”

  1. We stayed in a hotel a few weeks ago that had various themed rooms. Ours had a jacuzzi bath which was just big enough. Of course the bubbles were a must 😀😎😀

  2. I love pics that inspire…I am now inspired to take a romantic bath with my man. In our years together, to date, we have not done so. Hot tubs, yes. Steamy showers, yes. Pool, yes.
    Next on our bucket list is the simple romantic bath… coupled with with music, wine, cheese, and olives <3

  3. Definitely jealous of that bathtub. When Sir and I move, a decent bathtub is on our must-haves. Our current one is barely sufficient to wash a child, let alone myself and would never fit the both of us!

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