365 Questions – day 34

What’s the last thing you apologised for?

Master is bored with these questions, but I plan to push on. What’s more, when we discussed this question he suggested that I don’t apologise for anything since I am never wrong. This is not true and of course he knows it.

The last time I apologised though was not to him, but via email at work. I should have sent an agenda and papers out last Monday for a meeting which I will be chairing this coming Monday. However, I have been so busy and have barely been in the office, so didn’t send them till yesterday.  I apologised for their late arrival. For most people it won’t matter since they don’t even read the papers before they actually arrive. I feel no particular guilt.

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Author: Julie

50 something woman, exploring life and enjoying new adventures. This website is a record of a journey from vanilla wife and mother through two new relationships. This woman is now a collared slave called MPB and is owned and controlled by her Master. A mixture of true events and memes it is often of a sexual nature and is not safe to view at work. Next things to try will be fiction. Watch this space.

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