TMI Tuesday – 5th December 2017

Sexy Specifics

Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. from “30 Rock”

1. What do you find sexiest in a woman?

I love women’s breasts. The shape of them, the hint of a nipple, a decent cleavage. Lovely!

2. What do you find least sexy in a man?

Feet generally, not too keen on anyone’s feet to be honest! 

3. Have you ever been the other woman or man? Would you do it again?

Yes. My ex had an affair early in our marriage. I didn’t like it and I regret that I did it to him at the end. I wouldn’t do it again nor would I want to be the other woman either. 

4. Who puts more into a romantic relationship you or your significant other?

I guess I am more overtly romantic. He says he isn’t but does some lovely things for me. But that hasn’t stretched to flowers – he claims it is due to his hay fever! 

5. Do you have a “work wife” or “office husband”?

No. I don’t really have close work relationships these days. My life outside is too important to me.

Bonus: Are you in a healthy relationship? What makes you think so?

I believe so, yes. We talk to each other, we like each other, we are happy together. We have plenty of sex and occasionally shout at each other. All of these things are pretty healthy in my book.

Bonus, bonus: Is the “work spouse” strictly a U.S. American anomaly (they do spend an insane amount of hours at work)? One study found 32% of Americans admitted to having a work spouse. I don’t think people describe their co-workers as such here in the UK. But some people do spend stupid amounts of time at work. I don’t do that and have no problem arriving and leaving on time!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!