TMI Tuesday – 28 November 2017

Spice it up!

1. Why should you have sex on a first date?Because sometimes life is to short not to. For S and me it was right. I needed to find out if there was more to me than being a suburban housewife. If I really was a desirable women, a slut. Plus I really needed sex, deprived. For him, well hopefully it was about him desiring me. With Master we both wanted sex on our first date but despite desire for each other let common sense take over. Indeed on our next date we had sex. The rest is history.

2. Why do you dislike giving oral sex?I have massive hangups. Even now I that I know there will be no unexpected ejaculation I have problems. But I love the taste of him, the smell and the comfort in sucking him. So actually I don’t dislike giving oral sex, rather I love it.

3. Tongue or no tongue? Explain.The tongue is important. With your tongue you can both explore and taste. Plus what about his tongue exploring me? That is just the best thing!

4. Would you have a sugar daddy or sugar mama?Daddy all the time. It isn’t the sugar thing I need but just him. Though we don’t go for the daddy thing. 

5. What’s a sure sign that you need to get laid?Feeling and looking stressed and angsty. For him, I am being bratty. He can tell that I need him to pay attention to me and I need to do the same for him. It is a two way avenue. 

Bonus: Right this very second, which do you prefer– to make love or fuck like a wild animal?

Both are good.  But in the main we fuck. We really do love each other though!

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Busy time ahead

It seems that my mum will move before Christmas. She is downsizing to live near my brother, in a bungalow. The fact that she wants to take all of her furniture had been a bit of a problem. Until today when I realised that she is probably the least sentimental person in the world. She values furniture but not much else, which could be helpful (unless things change).

I have two brothers. The one who will be living nearby and the one who currently does. The latter doesn’t want her to move for purely selfish reasons. Currently local brother has been using mum as something of a cash cow. Plus he hates the idea of giving up the family home. A place where he can still find the spirit of my dad.

But mum needs a place without stairs. Somewhere she is close to amenities. She also needs some money not tied up in property.

Moving date will probably be before Christmas, something I had discounted as recently as last week. Both brothers have jobs that will be busy till Christmas (the one she will live nearer after the move is a supermarket manager). So today the clear out began.

Exam results, school reports, birthday cards and postcards from baby grandchildren uncovered while mum watched daytime tv. So much history to be retained until I can check it is wanted. Sadly, such stuff will come home with me before it gets thrown out.

This is the beginning of the end of my childhood, a woman of 55 clinging onto memories while her mother watches The Chase.

This weekend my sensible brother will help us sort the useful from the rubbish. The sentimental from the necessary. I expect I will hang on to all photos, school reports and anything else vaguely sentimental. Later on my mum will thank me……