The change in seasons seems to have helped renew my desire to blog. Well, that is what I am putting it down to. Dark evenings, nothing much on TV and little to do much of the time. Whatever the cause, I plan to embrace it. Time then for some housekeeping.

It is about 9 months since I moved my blog and became self hosting. I had chosen the theme a while back and the move was traumatic. So just getting things functional (with a little help from the webmaster @Domsigns) was sufficient. I knew that a tidy up was needed but didn’t have the strength, desire or whatever to get on with it.

This weekend though I bit the bullet and have spent most of that time and this evening sorting things out to my liking. There might be more changes, but for now they will be superficial.


Apparently this theme is called Twenty Sixteen, so a bit more up to date than Twenty Ten. At the moment I have inserted a photo of me in my collar complete with my slave pendant at the top. This might change if something better comes along.


I have removed some blogs where people have removed their site or haven’t posted for many months. Plus added in new places to visit. This is work in progress.


Rather than have pages etc.  at the top of the site, I have used the sidebar  to help navigate around useful stuff. Information about us and our relationship and my journey. Plus the memes I contribute to and other things I consider important. This is as much for me as anyone else.


After the move I managed to duplicate all of my posts (don’t ask me how) and then managed to strip out all of the tags and categories. This was demoralising. I had near on 5 years of blog posts at the time. I started going through post by post adding categories back in. But, since a number were about a previous D/s relationship and also the break up of my marriage it was a difficult job. What to do? Delete the old stuff perhaps? Trouble is, the things that happened in 2012 and 2013 define me as a person and as a submissive. The things that happened then have an impact on my relationship with Master. So I left them.

This weekend I started sorting the 100 or so posts that were left in ‘uncategorised’. Tonight I finished the job.

For now the housekeeping job is done. I am sure there will be more, but for now I am happy.