In the cabin

We are away from home for a couple of weeks. I would say we were on holiday, and to some extent that is true. He is perhaps on holiday, but I do have to work for some of the time. Still I am enjoying a long weekend of fun before I have to travel into London on Wednesday. This will involve a longer journey, and to keep costs down I will take the coach. Hopefully I will be able to do some work on the journey and so have a shorter working day in London. The purpose of our trip is to enjoy a classical music festival. This is all relatively new to me, so at the study event on Mahler yesterday, I learnt things for the first time. I am also new to his music, so this weekend has been something of a voyage of discovery.

We are staying on a boat at the moment, as we did last year. It is a pleasant and cosy existence here. The fact you need to run the engine or a generator in order to get hot water, to charge up appliances serves as a timely reminder. We take for granted the mod cons we have in our life. 

This morning, while Master was starting up the generator I took a couple of selfies of me. I am on the bed in our cabin. Note the wood panelling, the mirror and the portholes. Hopefully I will get a few more pictures for future sinful Sundays before we move ashore on Tuesday!

Sinful Sunday