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I so want to write, I have so many ideas. But to be frank, I feel tired. Being ill at the beginning of the month has left me tired. Working and the relentless pressures of being an NHS manager leaves … Continue reading

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The mark

We have spoken so many times about me getting a tattoo. I know that he loves a woman with tattoos marking her body. In theory I love the idea too and want what he wants. But all along I have … Continue reading

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These feet are made for touching

There was a time when I couldn’t stand anyone else touching my feet. I was very ticklish and the person who might have touched my feet only wanted to tickle them. I hadn’t ever thought of feet as an erogenous … Continue reading

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His kinks and our plans

There are many ways in which we are on the same wavelength when it comes to kink. Being his owned slave is probably the main one. While I am naturally bratty and rebellious, I love the way that he takes … Continue reading

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TMI Tuesday – 19 September 2017

1. Why would you go to a therapist? a. You need support b. You want to take responsibility for your life’s outcomes? c. You need guidance and to be told what to do I am not sure that I would … Continue reading

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Action shot

It is difficult to provide some of the service that Master wants and expects when his slave has a cough. It has been over 2 weeks since I first got ill. But things are improving and this afternoon I was … Continue reading

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The events of the weekend seem to have reignited my desire to blog, reminding me that I still have stuff to say. Sunday showed me that, whatever else happened we still have the M/s dynamic. I am his slave and want … Continue reading

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Being naked

The idea of spending several hours completely naked in public freaked me out. Stupid really since this is something I wanted to happen. Ever since I found out about play parties where the male Dominant is fully clothed and the … Continue reading

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Excitement and fear

It’s a long time since I had a new D/s related experience. We are settled in our life together, and much of what we do around the D/s or BDSM area is tried and tested. In the main we keep … Continue reading

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