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I have arrived a bit late to this, but given that I have some time on my hands right now and am always looking for new ideas, I have decided to join in Marie Rebelle’s 365 questions project and aim to catch up over the next day or two. This will involve a question a day once I get going and hopefully should be fun. So here goes:

1. What is your number one goal this year?

The most important thing I must do is to ensure that I don’t end this year in the same position regarding my ex as I am in now. The financial and the relationship stuff (i.e. divorce) needs to be in progress. The past couple of years have been difficult because he has found it very difficult to manage the emotions connected with the breakdown of our marriage. Despite the fact that he lives with another woman, I might add. A secondary goal for me is to continue losing weight and get to the target I have set myself by the summer.

2. What are you most grateful for?

That I have found Master and that we are still going strong after very nearly 2 years. In fact, I would go as far as to say that we are closer than ever and care very deeply for each other. 3 weeks of being together 24 hours a day doesn’t seem to have done anything other than brought us closer together.

3. Are you content?

Yes, please see above. What is more, everyone that I know remarks on how happy I seem, so that is something to be happy about too.

4. What is your best memory of last year?

I am not sure that there is a single memory, but probably the two weeks we spent in Spain over Easter during Samana Santa was wonderful. The new places we visited, the meals and wine we enjoyed, the atmosphere of the parades through the streets. All of those things make the whole experience one of the most amazing of my life.

5. What was the last major accomplishment you had?

Probably finding that my career didn’t end after redundancy and that indeed I could land myself a better, more fulfilling and higher paid job than I imagined 3 years ago. At that time I felt pretty worthless as redundancy approached.

6. What possession could you not live without?

Scarily enough I suspect it might be my phone. I really wish that wasn’t the case, but I have become like most other people and check it and fiddle with it far too often.

7. Can people change?

People can and do change, but what I do know is that you can’t make other people change, what you have to do is to manage your own actions and behaviours. I have also learned that people can change so that they grow apart and no longer want the same things any more. That is what happened in my marriage, I changed and he pretty much stayed the same. The changes occured through education, reading, reflection and  desire to do different things. He just wanted a safe life and hated it when that rug was pulled from beneath him. He offered to change, but I am nor sure he could, and anyway it was too late.

In this relationship, I know better than to try to change him. Maturity has helped me become more tolerant of others, I believe.

8. What was the last good thing you ate?

On Friday night in a tapas bar in Triana, Seville, I had some fried anchovies that was really amazing. Simple but lovely and washed down with some Spanish wine. That evening, my last in Spain was enjoyable in lots of ways but those fish definitely helped.

9. What is your current favourite snack?

My favourite snack is crisps, preferably cheese and onion flavour and made by Walkers. However, I am avoiding such stuff (though I ate crisps, nuts and olives when in Spain), and instead am trying to snack on fruit. Most days at work I pop over the road to a small supermarket and buy a tub of ready cut fruit. I know I can buy and cut it myself,  but it is a good way of snacking and keeping off of the crisps!

10. What made you smile today?

A text from Master asking where the dishwasher tablets in the apartment in Spain are kept; he obviously needed to do some washing up! I know it has only been just over 24 hours, but I am missing him and have been feeling a little heavy hearted. That text and some subsequent ones are helping me get back on an even keel.

That brings me up to date, so tomorrow I can start the daily posts – lets see how long I can keep them up!


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