365 Questions – 12th January

What is making you mad?

In general I don’t things wind me up as much as I used to – it would be true to say that I have in the past been quite angry, quite a bit of the time. I was often mad at my ex, the things he did and said and just the way he was. I allowed work things to get to me and then there is my mum.

Ok, so my mum still winds me up. She is a self centred person who struggles to listen to any issues that relate to anyone else and tends to bring it all back to her. At times, she makes me pretty mad. While I was away she went to my brother’s for Christmas and was very rude about his partner who she felt had gained weight. Tact is just so not a familiar thing to her, and she tends to speak her mind, it is unclear how much this is due to a previous stroke but I suspect she could filter her views much more. When I heard about it, I tried to discuss it with her on the phone, but she got upset and I was probably a little sharp and she put the phone down on me. I was momentarily annoyed at her but to be honest it just isn’t worth the stress. So, I am really trying not to allow her to make me mad.

More general things include the hypocrisy of politicians, the way people just can’t tolerate the difference of others, the way people believe everything they read in tabloid newspapers and the way people drive in supermarket car parks (like it is a race track or something).

But even the above can’t really get me into a state of real annoyance. I am no longer angry, I am a happy soul and I intend to stay that way!



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