Clamps and a crop

I was no sooner in the door at Sir’s on Friday night before he presented me with two early valentines gifts.



Don’t be silly. The gifts were a riding crop, with which to spank me and a clamp with which he would be able to squeeze my clit!

We have frequently discussed adding both of these items to our toy collection, and Sir had mentioned that he needed to buy me some presents as he hadn’t got me anything recently. I was not disappointed.

Sir has, on more than one occasion clamped my clit with a nipple clamp and we have found that it has had an amazing effect on me; giving me the most amazing orgasms. This is something that Sir loves. Plus, though spanking is not a massive part of what we do (indeed he is no sadist and i no masochist), using either his hand or belt has just added to the effect.

The clamp is a beautiful, if deadly thing. Looking pretty harmless with jewels at one end. Just like this

This object is capable of amazing pleasure, especially when i am also wearing some clamps on my nipples. However if not quite on the right place, it can cause more pain than i care to describe. A bit more practise is definitely needed (what a shame!).  Being spanked with a riding crop while wearing clamps on the nipples and clit is something else (when they are positioned correctly).

The crop, which i meant to get a photo of, but somehow didn’t get round to is something like this. A long handle with a semi circular (ish) piece of leather at one end. It felt lovely as Sir stroked my bottom and pussy with it. It still felt pretty good as he gently spanked me. The noise as the air whips around it is quite something, but you know when you have received a good thwack with it. And thwack me he did, hard.
Yes it was painful, but oh what a wonderful pain. Pain that prepared  me to receive his cock, first in my pussy and then my arse. Pain that prepared me for a wonderful orgasm, that enabled us to cum together. That was just the first evening.
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50 something woman, exploring life and enjoying new adventures. This website is a record of a journey from vanilla wife and mother through two new relationships. This woman is now a collared slave called MPB and is owned and controlled by her Master. A mixture of true events and memes it is often of a sexual nature and is not safe to view at work. Next things to try will be fiction. Watch this space.
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9 Responses to Clamps and a crop

  1. SirQsmlb says:

    Oh what a shame, you'll have to practice 🙂

    Sounds like perfectly marvelous Valentines gifts.


  2. dancingbarez says:

    Now those are the gifts that keep on giving. Have fine practicing and Happy valentines day indeed.

  3. Julia says:

    I like the look of that crop!

  4. abby says:

    Great gifts, I love the riding crop, it is able to reach all the right places! Your time together was off to a wonderful start.
    hugs abby

  5. Joolz says:

    It definitely reaches the right places. More of the rest of the weekend to come…….

  6. Florida Dom says:

    Nice that those gifts are being put to good use. And I would think they will continue to be. I love wielding a crop.


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