TMI Tuesday: February 20 2018

“Time is not a line but a dimension, like the dimensions of space.” Welcome to TMI Tuesday

I Need My Space

1. Do you think that fate or destiny play a role in love?
a. Absolutely
b. For the most part
c. Somewhat
d. Not really
e. Not at all

I am not romantic or superstitious in this kind of thing at all. But something has made the the events of the past few years happen. Firstly meeting S and learning what I did and didn’t want from a BDSM / kink relationship and then meeting Master. What we have is something I didn’t for one minute imagine I would get and I know it is the same for him.

2. True or False – If my sexual likes and dislikes are not in line with my partners, I change them.

False – I was married for 30 years (and in a relationship much longer) with a man with whom I had little in common sexually. It was impossible to change him and indeed, I was wrong to try to do so.

I would rather be celibate than have that happen again. Master knows what makes me tick and vice versa.

3. You and your partner are at a party. Both of you are equally acquainted with the hosts and the other people attending, although you aren’t the best of pals with any of the guests, you have conversed with them on a few occasions. During the socializing, what would you most likely do?
a. I’d stay glued to my partner’s side, conversing with the same people he/she is.
b. I’d be away from my partner, mingling with the other guests.
c. I’d stay near my partner, but involved in different conversations.
d. I spend some time by my partner’s side, and some time mingling.
e. I let my partner drift or stick by me – as she/he wishes.

It’s odd really. I am actually quite extroverted and he introverted. But he is much better than me at socialising with strangers. When I know people I am different and then am happy to ‘work the room’ as it were.

4. Have you ever gone through your partner’s journal, diary or personal letters?
a. Yes – I‘ve read it/them from A to Z.
b. Yes – I’ve read some of it/them.
c. I know where she/he keeps them but I haven’t read any.
d. I know where she/he keeps them – I couldn’t help but look – but I haven’t read any.
e. No – I don’t know where she/he keeps them, and I have no intention of looking.
f. No – I don’t know she/he keeps them, even though I’ve looked.

None of the above. I know he has personal things, but I really am not interested in finding them or looking. If he leaves things lying around I look as he does at my stuff. But neither of us go snooping. 

5. Have you ever had a romantic partner go through your journal, diary, personal letters or text messages without your permission? How did you feel? What did you do?

Yes, my husband, soon to be ex. Trust is very important and I would never trust him again.

Bonus:  What makes you feel loved?

Being able to Trust my partner. Plus knowing that I am his priority as a person. Then the fact I know he wants and fancies me and lastly that he tells me and I know he means it. 


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Power as aphrodisiac


It is the power that Master has over me that turns him on. He frequently articulates this to me. When I call him Master, refer to myself as this girl, his slut or most recently cum rabbit*, he tells me just how much is turns him on. And this is highly likely to transfer itself to his trousers. His cock will grow and harden, filling his pants and trousers. A direct result of the words spoken by us.

In turn, the knowledge that he has power over me and that this turns him on makes me aroused. A throbbing feeling within my cunt, the tell tale signs of dampness in my underwear. Because this power is, I think is at the centre of our dynamic. His power over me makes me want to show my submission to him. To kneel before him, to take his cock in my mouth, to feel his hands on my head. Sometimes this power, and the arousal that goes with it is sufficient to make me want to strip off my clothes and be naked before him. I know that he will want to touch the body he owns, to stroke my breasts and nipples or clitoris.

His power over me is demonstrated most through his ability to control my orgasms. By the fact that he can count down from 5 or 10 or more and on uttering 1 and then the word cum, I do. Finally I must thank him and reiterate that the orgasm belongs to him. The confirmation that his power over me is all consuming an infinite.

* Must have been having a moment when I wrote this yesterday, it should be cum puppy!

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This girl returns

A reconnection has occured between Master and this girl. It isn’t exactly that we were disconnected in any particular way. But there hasn’t been much time to just be us and to discuss our relationship. We came together as Master and slave almost 4 years ago (Dominant and submissive before that for 3 months). Our lives are busy and we still don’t live together and yesterday we discussed the effect that has on us. We also spoke the words that needed saying. That we no longer wish to be apart.

There are things to be done to enable Master and this girl to live together all of the time. He has some work to do on the house so that there is room for my things. She has to sell her half of her house to the partner of her ex, or else sell the house to someone else. Last year was meant to be the year when we moved in together, but time slipped away and it hasn’t happened yet.

This girl had spent Friday night at her mum’s. Her new home is 2 hours away and so visiting every couple of weeks and staying over night is the best option. Arriving home at 1ish, this girl prepared some lunch and we drank wine with it. Then since we both felt a little weary we cuddled on the bed and slept a while. Before and after the sleep, he stroked and caressed his property. Master expressed his frustrations about the time we spend apart and this girl agreed.

Later after dinner, more wine and a visit to the pub and more wine we retired back to bed. For some reason (perhaps it was the excess of alcohol) this girl felt both horny and submissive. She felt both of these in a way she hasn’t in quite some time. This led to orgasms, too many to count and since they haven’t been drawn on her body there is no real way of knowing. However there were many. Orgasms through penetration, through his fingers and also his power alone. Strong orgasms that brought on a wonderful nights sleep, nestled in the body of her Master.

This morning brought more sex and also discussion and agreement. Final details need discussion but. This girl is definitely back in the relationship. She was never completely gone, but she was hidden. The dynamic needs refreshing every now and then, it requires effort, so it is in plain sight. He wants a house slave and that means she must live with him. Perhaps living in one house for a few days together then swopping over will work for a few months. More time spent naked, more time worshipping her Master, more time calling Him Master and referring to herself as this girl. Hence this post.

Time also for the tattoo. A butterfly at the base of her spine. That is the next step. He wants to buy a new collar and an ankle cuff. A change from the existing collar and reaffirmation of the relationship. Of his ownership and her slave hood. More to come on this matter.

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Sinful Sunday
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Elust #103

Photo courtesy of Tits and Test Tubes

Welcome to Elust 103

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #104 Start with the rules, come back March 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


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Favourite boots

These boots are my favourite. The loveliest, sexiest I have bought. They hug my calves a treat and they make my legs look slim and elegant. These boots have a fine heel, that makes me taller than tall. Probably too tall for Master, since I tower over him when wearing them. The heels don’t look that high, but I am already taller than him when in my stockinged feet.

But I love these boots, because they make me feel sexy. They look great with a short skirt or dress, especially with sheer stockings or tights. I think they are wonderful boots for a night out and then afterwards you could wear them to have sex. If that was what floated your boat, and we would probably find it did.

These boots are really comfortable to wear, so long as I spend the evening sitting down and only have to walk a short distance to and from the car. They are fine for a dinner date or the cinema, but not if I have had to walk far to get there. Once I wore them to travel by train and to walk to a date (pre Master), they nearly crippled me.

Sadly, while these boots look and feel great and while I love to wear them, I need comfort. If I have to walk anywhere, then I need my boots relatively flat. I find they pinch my toes and hurt the balls of my feet. These boots might look elegant but it annoys me that really don’t feel it if I have to stand for any length of time. It’s a shame, because these boots really are my favourite boots. I have had them a long time, and will probably continue to love them. I just won’t really wear them. So they will remain my favourite boots!

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Out of kilter?

I was planning some fiction for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, and have written half a post. But lack of energy, uncertainty about fitting it with the prompt and general lethargy lead me to park it. For now.

Instead I am combining the FFTF prompt with Wicked Wednesday, because I have something to say that combines this weeks prompt with last weeks WW post.

The prompt question is:

How do you cope when your level of sexual desire doesn’t match that of your partner?

As previously mentioned, the menopause has had an effect on our sex life. A couple of weeks ago, we were trying to find the optimal position for sex. He suggested on our sides. I said: “trouble is, that means you have to do all of the work” To which he replied “No change there then”.

I know he didn’t mean anything by it and I laughed the comment off. But it is true to say that I struggle to take the lead during sex and probably do lie back more than I should. Part of the problem is that he prefers sex in the mornings and these days I take a little while to get going. True, he is the master and I the slave, but that is really no excuse. I tend not to sleep well – often down to being too hot and moments later too cold. For him, morning is the best time for a good erection but for me, I need encouragement to feel horny.

It’s strange in a way, since he isn’t really a morning person in other ways, and I am. I can leap creep to of bed for work and immediately be ready for the day. Whereas he is more of a night person. But when it comes to being ready for sex, perhaps roles are reversed. Plus, the fear of pain and discomfort means that I often don’t suggest morning sex even if I am feeling aroused.

I don’t think this means we are in any way incompatible, but need to do something different. Maybe we can plan ahead a little more, so that we play and have sex later in the day. Maybe too I need to put a little more effort into morning sex. In fact, I know I do.

Wicked Wednesday... a place to be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked

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Two harps

Two women travel together on a train, dressed in voluminous dresses of the day. So similarly dressed that they could be twins. Or best friends who just like to dress alike. One of the women is asleep, the other awake, reading. Outside the carriage the beautiful landscape of hills and river passes by, un noticed. That is what I see when I look at the painting The Travelling Companions by Augustus Egg.

Perhaps they are musicians on their way to a concert. Later tonight, they will sit side by side playing together. Just as they travel together and live together. Perhaps they are lovers, brought together by their enjoyment of travel, clothes and music. Who knows?

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Mirror Mirror

Sinful Sunday
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Sharing the love – SoSS #4

SoSSMany of my posts come from the many memes that our fellow bloggers organise on our behalf. It is difficult to keep up with them all. I find when I am writing lots, I have little time for reading and vice versa. This week I have written less than of recent, though what I have had to say has been reasonably profound.

I am really pleased to have contributed to the newly re-started Food For Thought Friday, on the topic of oral sex. As I have often stated, there were very few blow jobs and cunnilingus in my life before I strayed from my marriage. I was particularly struck by Indigo’s experiences. Firstly inexperience and fear and then later by the menopausal effects of the way our bodily fluids change in smell and taste.

Also through FFTF I found Eugene Noale’s blog. I loved his post Cinnomon and Cumin, but also I am really pleased to have discovered him. I love the photos of him and his open, honest and deep words. His post about his marriage, struck a note with me, given the one I am now free of.

That brings me to something I feel I need to say about the whole #SoSS thing. I know it was set up as a way of making sure people see the great words that are written each week. Plus the beautiful pictures that are posted. Words and images that mainstream social media would like us to keep to ourselves. May Moore spoke on Twitter about being Shadow banned again. This means that only those who follow May (and others who are shadow banned) can see her twitter posts. Without others sharing that information then, her lovely photos for February Photofest won’t be seen other than by those who already know her.  Kayla discussed the matter of shadow banning and other social media censorship on her Smutlancer blog this week. Essentially she says that we have very little influence over the social media companies and should just do our own thing. I think she is right, but then I haven’t been shadow banned (yet).

I have been troubled that most people’s #SoSS only refer to blogs that their followers tend to know about and follow themselves. It would be really nice if we didn’t just promote people who are shadow banned, but also anything new we have discovered this week. I discussed this with Bacchus from ErosBlog on twitter and as he quite rightly pointed out SoSS wasn’t specifically meant to raise awareness of new blogs. But he did agree that I had a point (and I am always happy for people to agree with me).

So apart from Eugene Noale’s blog, which I only found this week I would also like to promote Dayliacatt on Fetcetera. This is a blog written by a slave who is every bit as feisty as I am ( perhaps more so), who like me is relatively new to the M/s lifestyle and who with her husband and Master is enjoying a new lease of life. She writes about her life and is also a very talented artist. Do go and take a look.

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